Despondency Act 7: When you invite, No one shows up


Many are invited
no one attended;
disappointed in you,
excuse after another –
don’t even bother.



Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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64 thoughts on “Despondency Act 7: When you invite, No one shows up

    1. hahahahahah!!! Love your response. That’s how I feel or always felt.

      I’ll share something with you.

      Back when I was 14 years old, once I thought I had ton of friends. We would all hang out and we’re really close.
      Long story short, I called everyone weeks ahead before my birthday weekend came.

      My family bought lots of food and wouldn’t you know? 15 of my so called friends never should up.
      Only my family of course…my brother wasn’t there, so he can kind of fuck off as well.

      Since then, I refuse to even mention my birthday to anyone or invite anyone if I have an event to go to.
      Because in the back of my head, none of them would show up or go with me.

      My girlfriend and I, feel the same way because it happens to us with our own families and once close friends.

      However, I noticed in observation some people still go out of there way to call people to go over and celebrate a kick back birthday party. Why even bother if they’ve betrayed you the first time?

      1. I hate my birthday. I’ve never liked celebrating it. When I get a present, I’m like – What’s this all about? I don’t need anything. So, people who really know me, know one thing- no presents for this weirdo. Ever.
        I like giving them, though.

                1. You make a good point.

                  The majority stay silent and choose not to pick an argument.

                  It’s better to let it all out than be quite because in time, all the hate starts to build up.

                  And I’ve always hated when people just stay quite about what they said that offended me or bothered me. I always try to call them out on it, and they walk away. It’s unfair why they walk away. Its better to settle things then and there. I think.

        1. That may be somewhat half true.

          However, its not fair for the other person because he/or she had made plans way in advanced.
          And there’s no need for one to cancel such plans in a short notice just to please others.

          That’s why planning things makes things much better and less stressful.

          I’m only speaking through many years of experience and such.

  1. Many are always full of excuses Charlie.. My Gran would often be heard to say, If they don’t call they won’t wear the carpet out.. 🙂 She always found a reason to smile even in her darkest of hours..

        1. Yes. 🙂

          Just to let you know which I’m sure you we’re aware of this.

          These ‘Despondency series’ is based autobiographical, but at the same time writing something that everyone can relate to and has felt in certain situations.

          All I speak is truth and sometimes its not all pleasant. That’s reality.

          1. You speak your truth 😉

            So many experiences in life are relatable and sharing is one of our best tools to feel close to others and most importantly, less alone.
            Life is not all pleasant, sometimes downright tragic but there can be a certain beauty in the entire whole of it, the ebbs turning into naturally into flows, the silver linings, what adversity makes us, etc.

            Nice series 🙂

            1. I completely agree 100%.

              Writing our truth brings everyone closer together and makes us feel less in the void.

              Also, writing helps one vent and get a different perspective from others.

              The series will end at 13. So a couple of more writings and then I’ll venture into more weird experimental writings. 🙂

    1. Yes. And it becomes an annoyance because no matter how much you argue with family or people like this.
      It’s a constant debate or excuse that usually never gets resolved, unless you prove them wrong and you call them out on their errors. Then they’ll admit to fault. That’s a rare thing to happen.

  2. Oh well but most people I know look for a free meal or a party so I am like ‘no way’ I am not going to entertain people , I rather feed the poor and needy , no point wasting in ungrateful folks.

  3. This makes me think of some of my family members, even some so-called friends I had way back when. It’s like they don’t have time for you when you need and want them to be there for you, especially for those moments in your life when you’ve accomplished something, or you’re at rock bottom. They make every excuse in the book about why they couldn’t be there for you, yet when it comes to others, they clear their schedules and make every sacrifice possible to be there for them. I think it boils down to priorities. If people see you as a priority, they make the time. If they don’t, they definitely show you how unimportant to them you are. So, I’ve learned to make room at my life’s celebration table for those who have been there for me during the highs AND the lows. Can’t keep making people priorities in our lives when our name keeps coming up last on their list.

    I really love how relatable your despondency pieces are, Charlie. This helps so many people, including myself, realize that they are not alone in these situations. Thank you for writing with such truth and heart with these.

    1. The answer I’ve been wanting to hear.

      If I may quote you on something I truly relate to.

      “They make every excuse in the book about why they couldn’t be there for you, yet when it comes to others, they clear their schedules and make every sacrifice possible to be there for them.”

      Spot on correct.

      My own brother believe or not does this all the time. He’s an idiot.

      My girlfriend and I, have experienced this within our own families as well.
      Now, are they perfect? who isn’t but that’s no excuse for them no showing some support.
      Or, maybe they’re just too distracted and consumed by friends who are liars, or just don’t know what they are thinking.

      I feel as if people think we’re unimportant to them and they just choose not to stop by.

      Thank you for relating to this a lot and these despondency series has changed me very much and there’s a couple more I’ll be posting. I’m stopping at 13. Next Monday its going to get much darker.

      1. First of all, I am so sorry that you have to experience this, especially from your brother. Believe it, or not, I have 2 older half brothers and the second oldest brother does this A LOT. He’s never there when I need him, but always around when he needs something from me. When I was fighting for my life in a hospital, he not once made an effort to call or visit. In fact, my dad (who was in the hospital himself at the time) had to call my brother and tell him to check up on me. The sad thing is he KNEW I was in the hospital and didn’t care. This is sadly the world we live in today. Most people want more than they are willing to give, yet when we need them they are nowhere to be found.

        It’s truly sad that you and your girlfriend are going through this, especially with family, but it makes you appreciate the ones who are around and who are willing to sacrifice to do it. It’s really great that you and your girlfriend have each other, Charlie.

        You are so, so welcome, my friend. These posts are like a breath of fresh air, because so many need to read that these situations are not just happening to them. And, please, keep up the amazing work! Cannot wait until Monday! 🙂

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