Despondency Act 11: Apathy scratched its Brain and Drilled a hole for Infestation


fatigue stubborn host –
apathy guided them
to ill-treat compassion,
conscience… a parasite cesspool.



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All rights Reserved.

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53 thoughts on “Despondency Act 11: Apathy scratched its Brain and Drilled a hole for Infestation

  1. How to get out of the parasite cesspool, I don’t know.

    I love the way you express such such such deep sentiments so concisely. True talent xx

    1. Thank you, Fiery.

      Hate fuels mankind yet, they can’t help themselves to to wallow in the cesspool of their own filth.
      Maybe its the violence that gets them going. Or have they not found another more graceful way to live a good life?

    1. You are welcome, Holly.

      A food for thought and something for anyone to rethink of themselves and how we can not make the same mistakes even though we are human that is what life is.

      “Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, something is out of tune.” ~ Carl Jung

  2. First of all, your title for this is just perfect and funny, because I can picture apathy just wreaking havoc on the host. But this part here stuck out so much for me:

    “apathy guided them
    to ill-treat compassion,
    conscience… a parasite cesspool.”

    When we trade sympathy and empathy for apathy it literally turns us into cold, metal robots. And you’re right. Our conscience ends up becoming a cesspool for things like selfishness and cruelty. There’s no room left to actually feel bad for the mistreatment of others. I am really loving these posts, Charlie. The fact that you can write these in so few words, yet make it universally relatable and profound is just amazing. Keep up this amazing work, my friend. 🙂

    1. Your interpretation is spot on.

      The idea of humanoid robots does have a call back to Occultist followers who obsess over blind leaders.
      The apathy in humans thrive on such host hence the cruelty of why humans treat others harshly?

      Thank you, manessah.

      Next week will be my 2 last post to close off the ‘Despondency series’ and onto introducing a new series of experimental micro poems. 🙂

      1. I agree! Probably not the best example I’m about to use, but it’s almost like expecting a zombie to feel bad for wanting to eat our brains. They are simply not equipped with the ability to feel like a human anymore. Lol.

        You are very welcome, Charlie. I will be sad to see the Despondency series end, but am super excited to see what new poems you have in store for us! 🙂

        1. A great example.

          The barbaric in man usually is the case.
          If at any rate mankind might go back to relearning what conscience means
          and how it is properly used.

          Trust me the next series will be good and very experimentally weird. 🙂 I’m known to write weird experimental poems. Anyone here can vouch for this assessment. 🙂

  3. How do you do this? Find such beautiful words that expand the mind and make us think. Ignorance and apathy are stubborn, and perfect breeding grounds for… all manner of problems. A cesspool of parasites. I love it how the more times I read these poems, the more I get out of them. You are brilliant.

    1. To answer your question.

      Like all writer we unknowingly find such in depth writings within our hearts.
      Whenever you have a feeling that feels stressful or really disappointed at the world…write it down as quickly as you can. That’s where the soul pours out the problems the world faces as a whole.

      Thank you my friend.

      Did I mention not next week but the week after that – I’ll be introducing a new series of micro experimental poems?

      1. I will look forward to your new series Charlie. But equally, I have loved these despondency poems.

        I frequently have the feelings you describe. But it is not always easy to articulate things in such a beautiful song clever way.

  4. Every word is deep. There is an explanation explosion in the words written. It’s deep and evocative expressions! I could go into details about what I feel as I read but the emotions overtake words surging on the tongue.
    You are dynamite with what you write, Charlie. It’s an explosive verse.

    1. Bless you, Yassy.

      With this poem…I needed to articulate exactly what is happening around our world and including people’s behavior in a more detailed sense of how we treat each other in bad or harsh manners.
      It’s not easy just staring at how one treats that person in front of you.

      It’s a scary world and how people treat it – its horribly sick.

    1. Yes. When I wrote this – true fact, I was angry of where this country is headed and the people in them.
      Not all people, the majority of them. It sickens my stomach of how ignorant people are at one another.

      What my heart felt, it produced this poem. 🙂 Its hard hitting true witness right in front of us.

  5. Your heart fires up the words truly and consistently and creates truth and I love love it , thanks thanks for writing what I and all of us feel but can’t express but you write for us , write about our feelings 😊 , a hug for you my friend 🤗

    1. Amen! As we have read and seen throughout history.
      Why has humanity continued to repeat such an orchestra?

      “We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.” ~ Carl Sagan

  6. Art is our escape from the cesspool. Any form of expression… poetry… music… painting …. sculpting and yes, Art Gowns and anything creative anyone can think of.

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