Avant-magoria #3: Algorithm Pill in Linear Scream of Dilating Error Oranges, Unprecedented Tribal Animation


Homicidal teeth purred;
developing film nitrate
while dissecting calendars
for crow plural indigestion,
more orally inaccurate.


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All rights Reserved.

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82 thoughts on “Avant-magoria #3: Algorithm Pill in Linear Scream of Dilating Error Oranges, Unprecedented Tribal Animation

    1. The core emotion is electronic music. The higher the noise feels
      the better the synapses in our neurology awake that temple.

      One you feel the noise within electronic music a whole lot of these unexplored imagery
      comes at you and at once you become a little afraid of these unique words
      but after you want to pain them to create your own originality of poetic surrealism.

      1. ……………………….Charlie,

        Thanks for your kindness !!!

        Your core emotion may not be electronic music.
        ————-ORALLY INACCURATE————-
        Standing in a locker-room type adult literature class
        you in your black trench coat
        pep talks before the big poem

        others have noted your “self-proclaimed” traits
        garlic-free mysticism just short of Burroughs
        hedonist underwear
        underwear with a special cup
        one size too small
        for do-good parts

        visions of you sitting next to an old-fashioned answering machine
        expressing a loneliness deeper than anything Leonard Cohen could muster

        1. …………………………..Michael,

          Thank you so much for your kindness!!!

          Inaccurate noted
          to the self-proclaimed “aldol reaction,”
          Leonard Cohen first
          conceived the idea
          of mysticism underwear.

          Literature orally traits
          do not muster
          only the trenched
          Burroughs once signed.

          Adult garlic vs. black electronic poem,
          the deeper we reach loneliness –
          the smarter ATM machines
          do away with Traffic lights.

          Before you answer type too in;
          let size the old-fashioned others
          while the Hedonist pokes fun at Pumpkins.

    1. I’m so glad you love that line.

      When I set out to write this…it just came out organically without thinking of it.
      Well, there was some thinking into it. Listening to lots of harsh electronic music.
      That awoke my synapses and the imagery was too much for me and I gave in to its knowledge
      and the words that go beyond it. Especially the title itself. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Marina.

      I’m glad the title and the poem itself you enjoyed it a lot.

      The secret to this poem and the title…was listening to lots of electronic harsh noise music.

      Mostly this one that I think you’ll love.

      Blanck Mass – Rhesus Negative

      1. Wow!!! Loved it and I can hear it in your words or vice versa. I do this a lot while painting. Headphones and one song/music piece in a loop!!!!! Way better than chemical stimulants! 😉

        1. Glad you enjoyed the music. Blanck mass is one of my favorite underground electronic musician. He is creating something like no other.

          You are correct. Headphones and having the music loud while on loop does give the chemical in our brain a good research into our deepest consciousness. 🙂

        1. The secret to the title and the poem. Well, its no secret but a heavy influence with electronic noise music.

          I know not many people love noise music they much prefer vocals in them. It’s cool and all but I sometimes rather do away without vocals.

          Do you like ‘Aphex Twin’? Listen to the song.

          Aphex Twin – Polygon Window

  1. I read your poem three times Charlie. I thought of the vinyl records. Which I still play lol 😀
    Great poem I wonder if people are aware of the affects sound waves have upon our energy field??
    Will drop back later to catch up on what I have missed
    Hope you are well. Take good care 🧡

    1. Yes. The poem feels like a vinyl metaphor. Electronic music paves the way to our energy and healing affect.

      Music like this song. I love listening to it. You have a different feel of it much like the poem itself and the title in a weird sense.

      Blanck Mass – Please (Official Music Video)

    1. The teeth themselves can purr like a feline.

      The visual aspect of it is its neurology and association with us and electronic noise music.
      That’s what spawn the title and poem itself was in my head formed in spontaneity. 🙂

    1. Listening and hearing music altogether is vital and important and to understand what the musician is talking or creating in sound.

      Same thing can be applied to poetry people listen to poetry but do they actually hear it?

      Some do and other’s don’t. It is why I stopped completely attending open mics. Poets we’re just listening but we’ren’t hearing poetry.

      1. So very true, there is such a huge difference between the two because when you hear it, you take it in along with the feeling, words, depth and meaning. It’s almost like dissecting the meaning in your head as it enters.
        You are a bravo individual my friend.

        1. Exactly so.

          A friend of mine told me once:

          “Don’t waste your time going to open mics” in which I replied ‘Why’?

          He responded, ‘Because nobody hears poetry’.

          I didn’t want to believe him until I found out for myself how people here in L.A. really are and how certain ones do hear it and dissect it and others are just there because. He was right and I am not alone with this feeling.

          1. Very true my friend, you are not alone in feeling that way. There are people who “hear” music and poetry. It goes in one ear, sits and visits and stays in the head for a while and travels to the heart, not just goes in one ear and out the other😉

  2. I love it how you have surrendered your mind to music, and allowed it freedom to create your own art. My favourite line is “Vinyl teeth purred” – it’s so evocative, a bite and a purr, from the same smooth, manufactured teeth… Enticing, no? I also got a feeling of time, memory, I really like this style of writing. The explanations you gave in the comments really helped me appreciate it all the more.

    1. Vinyl teeth purred is everyone’s favorite and I’m glad it invoked a sense of imagination that the reader can feel lost in and connect to the rhythm of music.

      Listen to this…This kind of noise sounds get my synapses to open.

      Rabit – Pandemic

      1. I listened to this, and i see so much more clearly how you got to the lines in the poem. Vinyl teeth purred – indeed. I have never really listened to this kind of music before but I see what you mean that you can get lost in it, and connect to something within it.

        1. Yes. I’m glad you saw what I envision when writing this poem. 🙂

          This is electronic music. I know this sound is not really for any listener out there. But, if you get lost within the noises that awake our synapses then it becomes a different story. 🙂

  3. You kicked off with this brilliant title. You got me there first . It’s all your conscious and subconscious rolled into this massive piece of writing .
    Vinyl teeth purred .. it’s the music if am not wrong. You got high on that and developed this epic verse, Charlie.
    You sure are one of a kind.

    1. hahahahaha!!!! I think everyone felt the title and we’re like ‘what the hell’? hahahahaha!!!

      Vinyl teeth purred. Yes, it is the feeling of music injected into our hearts and our inner core feelings.

      My synapses we’re heavily influenced by this song:

      Arca – Alive

      Its weird I know many aren’t into the electronic noise structure but this is what influenced the title and the poem itself was produced and manufactured from my own heart. 🙂

      1. Beside you in time, alive ringing in my mind , okay , it did good for you with this verse 🌝 still your heart’s in the right place , I prefer NiN.

    1. Thank you.

      You’ve understand the senses of it.
      As for the title? Well, electronic music is what triggered a layer of the subconscious
      and the spontaneity that our creativity taps into unknown territories in our imagination.

      I love experimenting and it gives the reader a sense of how wild anyone’s imagination can take them.

  4. Very tactile piece! Short and sweet but still very visually arousing. To use

    a reply in a similar vein: I like how this poem oxidises into different chemicals melting into each other, finally creating a sheet metal piece of inertness and fury.

      1. Discarded keyboard syringe
        floating the bird nest soup.
        All is lost plastic bent & sent
        from broken Planet New Hope

  5. “Vinyl teeth purred; Developing film nitrate” <<< Maybe it’s the musician in me, but I saw the word vinyl and thought of a record playing and the purring being that little static noise it makes when it spins, but then you threw in the nitrate and that blew my mind. So, I’m thinking about nitrogen and oxygen and how essential to life these things are. Would it be safe to say that the vinyl teeth you speak of are essential to life, something pleasant for the soul?

    “Dissecting calendars for crow plural indigestion, more orally inaccurate” <<< This part makes me feel like something is opening up and any blockages inside are being cleared. Hope I’m making sense. Lol.

    You promised me that I would scratch my head on this one, Charlie… You’ve succeeded! This is really crazy cool, my friend. How you come up with this is just amazing. 🙂

  6. So… one takes an algorithm pill, and gets indigestion. Then one eats crow, (not crows,) and the indigestion is double trouble. No wonder a person would want to eat an orange. They can aid digestion, however, according to this poem, the oranges are far too large, and can’t fit into one’s mouth.
    This poem is about a dilemma!

    1. It’s more of a disturbance than a dilemma.

      The algorithm pill – whoever shallows it…everything around them shapes into whatever reality their hysteria takes them. Oranges animate into crow-like jackalope. What they digest as the pink moon can only be a sign
      of HTML prophets distorting information from their indigestion.

      Man, you got me thinking now. 🙂 I love your view perspective.

      1. I try to find a meaning. Sometimes it seems obvious. Sometimes, it’s more hidden, convoluted, even. You are your work, and small praise is nice, but I seek more.

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