Avant-magoria #4: Cotard Re-released a Genuine Itch that it Preferred Chainsaw Piss Discombobulated Diatom


Twisted afternoon
ate the syntax cream,
lawyers massaged
the hurricane sternum –
behold, Napoleon shoes foreclosed.



Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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that it Preferred Chainsaw Piss Discombobulated Diatom – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

70 thoughts on “Avant-magoria #4: Cotard Re-released a Genuine Itch that it Preferred Chainsaw Piss Discombobulated Diatom

          1. Yeah same here. hahaha!!! His comment made me laugh hard that my stomach hurt. 🙂

            Bojana, I took a good look at the website ‘Spillwords’. It seems very interesting and I have a question.

            Does spillwords accept experimental poetry? I did read their submission but it said nothing about experimental. Not unless they welcome or are open to it?

            1. I’m glad that u asked. They do and are very open. Always make sure you read some other writers before submitting to get the idea what they like. Not everything is for everyone.
              I definitely think u should try them.

      1. yes, maybe Charlie you should create a New Computer code lol.. One where Algorithms can not interpret lol.. I am sure the AI would scratch its touch screen lol.. when trying to understand your poems…
        But that is what makes you Soooo Unique.. Keep being YOU… You are special 🙂

            1. You know what? I’m going to mess with my family one day or friends and tell them with a serious voice that i’m getting a massage with a lawyer. I’ll try to be as convincing so they take me serious. hahahahahaha!!! Good idea there Basilike. 🙂


    poetry about death and a layer below death
    your buddy, Burroughs with his word bombs
    the mass destruction of American Literature
    Charlie the famous “litmus” poet
    when moistened———who knows ?

    years of being soaked by education
    yet late at night in his sleeping bag
    Charlie soaks the sands
    the flashlight that reveals the truth

    the clouds pursuing their dreams
    puffs of nostalgia
    free of stowaways
    and yet, Charlie
    tries to feed them a static

    1. Destruction Burroughs;
      Oversensitive dreams –
      yet, Michael’s truth
      soaked sleeping.

      your American cheetos puffs
      has a flashlight of education dishwashers.

      The death mass
      in Ireland,
      was orchestrated
      by the moistened who.

      Meatloaf spirits
      layered in onion,
      literature eat bags of static.

      Stowaway poetry sands – pursuing nostalgia,
      litmus pudding mask
      reveals below
      a famous starless galaxy.

  2. Damn damn bloody liars becoming masseurs eew , omg, that music is really a scream if you can come up with something like this, Charlie.

    1. Yes, those lawyers are now masseurs. If that is a secret thing for them. hahahahaha!!!!

      As for the music?

      Listen to this one…you will love it and the rhythm dances with the words in its own unique kind of way.

      Stan Kolev – Samadhi (Original Mix)

  3. An Empire of barefoot discombobulation.
    My kingdom for a lyposuction lawyer with a rain gauge overflow of lip balm.

  4. To me, I get a sense that someone is trying to control what you say, how you say it… like it’s all about political correctness and doing and saying things the “proper” way to avoid repercussions. So, the “lawyers massaging the hurricane sternum” makes me think that they are trying to suppress what rages in the heart of someone, the truth they wish to speak and fight for… but sadly the “syntax cream” has been devoured – an act of rebellion. I’m so not sure if this is what this all means, but I feel a sense of rebellion in this poem… and I love it.

    I really love how these poems make me think and dig deeper. It’s like exercising my mind, or something. Really awesome poem, my friend!

    1. You are correct. Lawyers do have control of its clients and them suppressing our truth
      instead of the actual truth of how we perceived such events.

      Unfortunately, lawyers don’t really have anyone’s back it can be seen as a double stander.
      It could be good because they care and do it for the heart and not for money.
      Well, every lawyer needs his share to pay bills and what not.

      Rebellion rages yes within my work. Syntax cream is that rebelliousness. 🙂

      Here’s one thing you should know about my work. And my readers who have been following me longer
      will vouch for me and know that my experimental writing is always open for interpretation.
      It may seem and sound strange as you read it or you’ll scratch your head and be like ‘what’?
      That’s just how I write and I love creating and always pushing boundaries with language to the furthest. 🙂

      So, glad you loved this poem and its visual aspect of it. 🙂

      1. Your work is unique and I love that you write in a way that allows the reader to freely interpret your words. That’s the beauty of art; one piece of art can evoke 10 different feelings out of 10 different people. I always say if art makes you feel and think anything at all, it has served its purpose and done its job well. Your work does that for people and never let anyone change you or how you write. Keep up this amazing work, Charlie. 🙂

        1. Excellent points.

          That’s exactly how my readers should freely interpret my work in any form or way they want to. It’s all about opinions and how they perceive my work to they’re imagination. 🙂

          Bless you my friend. 🙂

          Stay tune for tomorrows post.

  5. Aahhh my sternum hurricane is massaged with the cream of lawyer’s syntax – I feel soothed by the words as they wash over me…

    Love how you give us something that lets our minds play havoc. A million shades of gray and no right or wrongs! Awesome!

    1. The best description of my writing by far. I like your interpretation.

      All poetry can rear the reader into a havoc psychedelic journey. 🙂

      You know I’ve never seen Shades of gray? I know some people love that movie.

      I’m one of those that will never watch it because it feels way to predictable.

      1. I’m pleased you enjoyed this interpretation. I also have never seen shades of grey (or read the book), for similar reasons. But, I actually would kind of like to see it…. 😂

  6. At the parisian nightclub Big Foot
    Napoleon’s shoes are a tight fit.
    Chainsaw sore after paying the
    syntax sin tax with his holey sox.
    Josephine was not amused as
    Napoleon had given her a dose
    of the cotard 19 pox.

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