Avant-magoria #6: Disney Vultures Tampered with Celluloid Evidence, the Augur witnessed it, and the Machination Gossip Fruition


Mother squeezed
Satan’s grilled apple –
the post office
forgot to email
Cinderella’s cranium.



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All rights Reserved.

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80 thoughts on “Avant-magoria #6: Disney Vultures Tampered with Celluloid Evidence, the Augur witnessed it, and the Machination Gossip Fruition

  1. Cinderella’s Cranium is slipping on some velvet, putting on some some make-up and then she’s off to the ballroom.

    1. Thank you, basilike.

      Interesting story about this write. The metaphor of Cinderella’s cranium and the title
      is based off ‘princess diana’. In 1997, things became controversial with her death and the Paparazzi
      coincidentally being there at the crime scene so fast that it sparked so much conspiracy theories all around.

      Plus, Banksy did an art of his own representing media obsession with celebritism and such.

      That being said, I have a love and hate thing for Disney as well.

  2. Off wall style and cool last line!
    And if anyone has the return address for Cinders Cranium I really need to return it, I keep on braking out in song at the most off times
    …funerals are not made better by musical numbers, or help you outrun a crowd of angry mourners any quicker!

    1. Your response is incredibly good and I love it.

      Cinderella’s cranium is based on Princess Diana and the conspiracy surrounding it.
      Especially the paparazzi being there on the scene was too suspicious on their part.

  3. ……………………….Charlie,

    the Universal Mother ?
    not my mother or your mother

    apples off the Romeo and Juliet tree
    squeezing grilled apples on the torso of Satan
    Satan daydreaming about Marlon Brando

    what are you thinking ?
    mouthing platitudes you’ve heard expressed in music ?
    conversations overheard on city buses ?


    readers are upset in the Bible Belt
    your poem was published in the “Nagasaki Lips”

    1. Grilled apples –
      Satan overheard
      in conversations lips.

      The Satan tree squeezed
      out your Nagasaki analogy
      and trimmed the music whiskers.

      Marlon Brando congregated
      the universal belt.
      Its platitudes expressed
      poem mouthing Juliet
      and torso city.

      What Romeo was thinking next,
      the bible coagulating
      in daydreaming razors?

    1. Thank you, Ana.

      3 things to consider of this short poem.

      Cinderella’s cranium = Princess Diana = conspiracy. The rest follows.

      Now, given its cryptic surrealism…its all for the readers interpretation. 🙂

        1. Originally, this poem was going to be a cut up. If you don’t know what the cut up technique is. It’s basically putting the poem on a program randomizer machine and hit random and the poem itself will re-arrange the poem into a different liner structure. But, I stuck with this version which made it better.

          I agree. Princess Diana’s death was sad and a weird tragic that only the paparazzi themselves knew what happen but they or the media aren’t reporting the actual truth of events.

          1. Oh I see. That’s actually pretty cool. I’ve never tried. I probably shouldn’t. 😂 LOL
            And yes, I saw a documentary about it,and it made me uneasy after looking at the details.

    1. This is not so much a riddle but a riddle of what really happened?

      3 things, Cinderella’s cranium = Princess Diana = conspiracy. The rest follows.

      I know you remember what happen on that day in 1997. The whole world was sadden by a horrible loss and the people fled in conspiracy theories.

  4. There is lots in this Charlie. The words themselves sound amazing together, and then there are the layers of meaning…. Conspiracies emailed, apples laced with satan…. Either mother was clueless or she was in on it – mother potentially symbolising many things but essentially a person who should have been trustworthy, who should have protected/prevented . But didn’t. Evil step mothers, and an evil state of the world. Love it.

    1. I really love your interpretation of my poem.

      Very insightful and connecting the dots of Satan and mothers in general or the idea of mothers as a whole.

      However, the real meaning behind this poem.

      3 things, Cinderella’s cranium = Princess Diana = conspiracy theories.

      Everything else feels connected in so many ways.

      1. Yes, I read the comments about princess Diana and conspiracies. I connected the ‘mother’ in the poem as a representation of care and protection that was either unable to protect , or was (conspiracy) actually sinister and aiding the demise of the princess. If that makes sense? I think this poem is amazing, one of my faves of yours I think.

        1. My mistake. You are correct. My mind is not all there today. I apologies.

          Yes, the symbolism of ‘mother’ and how we as a human race are not or should have protected Princess Diana of such horrible incident.

          Yes, it makes sense. Thank you so much my friend. I’m going to get rest and reset my mind. 🙂

  5. awesome work i read the series thus far they pack a lot of punch i really love that the tittle bleeds into the main body of work have your voice recorded it would be really cool like Burroughs cut ups of which i think you enjoy… 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for reading. 🙂

      Believe it or not, I love Burroughs and I do a lot of cut ups on all my poems. Expect for this one. The Avant-magoria #5. That was all cut up. After this series comes to its 13th conclusion. I’ll be posting ‘Cut up poems’ that I’ve been working on for some time now. Those are more intensely weird and very experimental with words that have not been seen before by any reader.

      Hopefully, one day I get to do voice recording on audio and see what happens. 🙂

            1. Mondays & Wednesdays I post new works. 🙂 I too, look forward to always reading your work. Actually, I love reading your poetry its very honest, you speak truth and observe everything in your view perspective. 🙂

      1. I happen to have a Gallactic 10, 000
        Universal Translator. Stole it from a
        Klingon outpost. When I took it to a
        Tom Waits concert it kept flashing
        “WE SURRENDER!”… and
        “Check Manual for Factory Reset.”

  6. I think this is the best of your series. I loved it. Cinderella and Disney and the paparazzi, and Lucifer , my fav angel , the devil is in the details of this verse.
    Death and Disney , there is a lot in this , fascinating morbid.

    1. Thank you, Gustaf.

      I love experimenting. You should read the Avant-magoria series starting from #1.

      It’s been going well. Just been fully active with writing and reading and listening to tons of electronic noise/Industrial.

      How have you been? I haven’t heard from you since last year. I think. Are you going to be posting and blogging more?

      1. I spent a month in the desert, and was in Greenland for a while. I did just post something! !!! I hope I am able to write more, was working on a book.
        What’s electronic noise music like? Haven’t heard any.
        Send me a link to the series !!!!

        1. Nice. How was the experiencing spending time in the desert?

          Electronic noise music is something like this:

          Arca – Mutant

          Let me know what you think.

          My series is on my blog. What you commented on was #6. Go up #5, #4, #3, #2 #1.

  7. The spotlight fruit, The Big Apple! I always suspected Snow White as a suspicious sleeper, she likes apples and her seven friends are always hanging around.

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