Avant-magoria #8: Inaudible gashed its Wrist, Bled Acronym Pronouns; and Made the Salem Enzyme Bowl into Copula Brittle


Charred unicorn
began to sprout
rainbow cyst,
a siren petite mushroom;
growled impatiently
toward adjectives.




Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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68 thoughts on “Avant-magoria #8: Inaudible gashed its Wrist, Bled Acronym Pronouns; and Made the Salem Enzyme Bowl into Copula Brittle

        1. Exactly. At times when I don’t get the right ending, I need to use the cut up.
          Most of the time I use it for challenging and creative purposes.
          With the cut up method – one can do so much and open up the readers senses
          to unlimited imaginative worlds and unknown territories.

  1. Bloody hell , I am going to be so listening to your kinda music , Charlie. If you can come up with this art work I damn well will put my ears to your music.

    1. Thank you so much, yassy.

      As a matter of fact, I did listen to a lot of noise music while writing this.

      May I introduce to you: Lotic

      Let me know if this music influences you to write something interesting.

      Lotic – carried

  2. I love it!

    The contrast between the beautiful and the ugly – “charred unicorn” “rainbow cyst” – creates an image to me of how the bad in society is just masked by some sense of false beauty to make things seem alright.

    A great piece!

    1. Great observation and perspective.

      You nailed it!

      The dichotomy of our society in a tug of war…its difficult to detect real or false.
      Humans are good at disguising a false appearance rather than unmasking the true things
      that make one special and genuine. 🙂

      Also, this poem was a cut up poem. Don’t know if you know what that is.

  3. Here’s the crazy thing, Charlie. Unicorns must remain invisible to humans. If we could see them, I have no doubt people would be charring them on their barbeques, with sauce and selling the horn for black magic cures.
    The rainbow cysts, tears… and all adjectives to describe the horror would be witnessed, as well, by very unhappy mushroom size (also destined for the barbeque) fairies.

    1. A very good description and interpretation of the poem. 🙂

      The adjective horrors stay witness to most people’s eyes
      that they can’t help to fascinate on the violence of things.

      The mushroom giant bears witness to this kind of music.

      Blanck Mass – House vs. House (Official Audio)

  4. ……………………………Charlie,

    Thanks for your kindness !

    “your siren petite mushroom ready to grow”
    mind you
    a mushroom waiting impatiently

    Charlie in various stages of development ?
    has the Freudian carnival pulled into town ?

    first you sell lemonade on the street
    then you form a dialogue with puberty

    the definition of autobiographical is no longer clear

    1. …………………………Michael,

      Bless you and your kindness!

      Sirens pulled the dialogue stages
      from you, Michael.

      Your autobiographical reads:
      electronic synth wave
      of lemonade carnivore.

      The mind mushroom petite
      was angrily impatient
      at Freudian
      and his methodical definition.

      1. ……………………..Charlie,

        it is so easy to visualize you as a trestle bridge
        with a poetic train crossing you
        heading towards the future
        shadowy images of Charlie
        dreamlike portraits
        of the boy wonder
        a strong relative of the Ferris Wheel
        a cousin to all arcade games
        a graduate of the school of rides and games

        1. …………………………….Michael,

          the wheel portrait shadow
          solved your relativity
          game problem.

          It mostly involved
          a dreamlike ferris
          with images
          of carousel mac n cheese.

          The trestle rodents
          arcade the visual perception –
          hence, poetic amputation sonic.

        1. When I write my poems…everything in my dreams just pours out. Anything I can remember from my dreams or just imagining out loud. Once I’m done writing it, I’ll re-read it to myself and if I like it good, if not – I’ll throw it in the Cut up machine program and I hit randomize and reams of information just pour out differently. And from their I choose and improvise as I read along.

          Cool right?

    1. There seems to be a symbolism of past, present, and a future event coming. A connection and the deeper meaning of the ‘unicorn’ itself. I took a look at the link and site. Very informative and have lots to read. Thank you, sue for this…

      1. Hi Charlie, You should follow this guy, And not to be a scare monger of the future, but what he has to say is worth listening to.
        He has studied Nostradamus and I have found a place in his video just before he explains about this picture..
        Happy Exploring 🙂 21 mins in there abouts

  5. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie …. my goodness. I’ve been on an extended vacation with family and am just now returning to wordpress to view my favorite poets. Why am I not surprised (in the least!) that you have continued to write in my absence with such brilliance. This piece is a new favorite of mine. Charred unicorn. Wow. You are a master of language and word arrangement.

    1. How was your vacation? if you don’t mind me asking. 🙂 Hope you had a great time.

      So happy the first line got your attention. 🙂

      Language is something that needs to be experimented with all the time. Language a construct of many puzzle pieces that one can re-arrange them anyway the writer wants them to be or sound. Much in the ranks of directing a movie, the editing is where the magic begins.

      Bless you so much my friend.

      Stay tune for my next post tomorrow. 🙂

      1. It was amazing. The ocean is such a powerful yet tranquil source. Lots of sunshine, water and self reflection. Memories made with my favorite people. We even saw dolphins swimming in the wild, following our boat!! There were a few emotional pitfalls (as tends to happen when visiting family) but overall we returned rested and in good spirits! Thank you for asking, that was sweet of you. I can’t wait for your next piece! I swear I can’t wrap my head around how you come up with this stuff but I guess that’s just your magic! You’re so talented my friend.

        1. You are so lucky you get to be on an awesome vacation. My girlfriend and I, have been wanting for a long while to go on vacation. But, we’re on a budget. 😦

          You saw Dolphins too? Man, that must of been beautiful and so cool to witness right before your eyes. 🙂

          You are welcome, April.

          Well, I posted a new one yesterday and tomorrow Wednesday, I’ll be posting another new one with a title that will get everyone’s attention. 🙂

          You are super talented my friend. Bless you so much and thank you for you always being you. 🙂

  6. “Thou I clothe my naked villainy with old odd ends stolen forth from holy writ, I seem a Saint when most I play The Devil”
    A charred unicorn, a sign of evil perhaps sprouting rainbow cyst, a colorful but vile message is almost like a mask. Sounds like political promises, smile while they drive the knife deep into the back. The mushroom, it can be pleasant looking but poisonous just like society can be at times and the people who bask in it.
    Your poetry gets people thinking like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs my friend. I love it.😉

    1. V for Vendetta and connecting the dots to the rainbow cyst and its message of political incorrectness of our world.

      The society is like a poisonous mushroom. Sometimes people fall for its deception.

      My work gets every reader thinking. 🙂

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