Avant-magoria #9: Breath Peeled Alterity and Has Contracted Catatonic Membrane Lip Who Only Decided Hyperreality Needed Cannabis


Hypochondriac mirror appetites,
sleep deprivation
wolf rolled a melody,
poetry cellophane
eccentric pinky.



Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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69 thoughts on “Avant-magoria #9: Breath Peeled Alterity and Has Contracted Catatonic Membrane Lip Who Only Decided Hyperreality Needed Cannabis

    1. With any lunch box there’s a ton of surprises that await our appetite.

      And that’s the beauty of poetry, anything goes, we as poets break those rules because we need to create
      in order to rebuild our broken hearts.

  1. ……………………Charlie,

    the membrane lip needs cannabis ?
    real cannabis or diet cannabis ?
    cannabis—the stuff of nightmares
    at the health food store, they call it the raw stuff of nightmares
    think of the billions of real and imagined wounds caused by cannabis
    countless automobile accidents that ended in huge fireballs
    endless birth defects and black candle witchcraft
    beautiful people who have had their souls oxidized by cannabis
    cannabis, the evil agent that inscribes failings and errors
    metal has rust—cannabis has narcissism
    a thief of the poetic voice
    stand clear, Charlie

    1. ……………………Michael,

      Agent nightmare –
      failing in error voice cannabis diet
      and witchcraft raw food,
      birth metal stuff –
      imagined the wound
      oxidized, like inscribe endless knot.

      Black poetic automobile
      of membrane thief lip,
      fireballs, and countless candles –
      taint the billion beautiful rust souls
      that narcissism improved on, Michael.

  2. Maybe I’m weird, but I read this and see a wolf getting high off of poetry wrapped weed… in fact, so high, that he doesn’t realize he’s smoking his own little pinky. (shaking my head)
    Say no to drugs. 😄

    So you have to tell me what the real meaning of this is. I’m feeling like it’s an image of how cannabis can warp the mind.

    It’s really good reading your awesome words again, Charlie. Hope you’ve been well and living it up my friend. 🙂

    1. You are correct on this poems interpretation.

      The wolf is smoking his own weed pinky.

      The meaning behind this calls on assumptions that supposedly at 3:00am our creative juices burst.

      If that is true, then I must of really been in another world to express these images.

      Mars Volta-This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed

      1. You know, I think there may be something to that 3:00am creative burst you’re talking about, because I find that a lot of my ideas for songs and posts come to me around that time. I have a file that I keep on my iPad that I jot down those ideas on so I don’t forget. My mind is like a dry erase board at times; Write something on it but it can easily smear away. Lol.

        I think this image you created is actually perfect for what you’re describing because technically we have to be in another “zone” to tap into those deep creative ideas we wish to express. Listening to certain music sometimes does that for me… it’s like a high, but without the cannabis. Literally takes me somewhere else. Of course, I won’t be smoking on my pinky. 😁

        1. I guess we are not alone when the creative spark happens anyone at 3:00am.

          Our subconscious has something to do that plays an important role in our writing development.

          That’s exactly it, the ‘zone’ is how I approached this meditation for creation and visuals getting the best of the reader. 🙂

          1. Nope. We definitely not alone on the 3:00am thing. 🙂

            Whatever zone you were in when you wrote this helped you produce some awesome imagery in this poem. Keep it up!

    1. Catabolic liposuction
      the rose
      and plans for its grand deduction
      dressed in pure illusion.

      A catatonic neon sun –
      represents aberrations
      abstracting volcanic coverage
      from Dali’s colored surrealism placate.

      1. Vulcan n, King of dystopian dysfunction,
        and patron saint of all aberration,
        sent the Picasso an invitation.
        But he was too busy painting
        under a naked neon woman.

          1. King Avocado was smashed
            by the animated caterers at the
            rodent canteen, right next to
            the Neon Picasso Museum.

  3. Insomniac mirror appetites, 
sleep deprivation 
wolf rolled a melody, 
poetry cellophane 
its eccentric pinky., blimey!
    It’s more like a song poem. I likey hehe
    You take us on a literary ride of an adventure where the going are words that we tread with our minds.

    1. I’m so happy you see this as a song.

      The tune does take shape of the readers ride and into the unknown sunset of colored psychedelic journey.

      The challenge is honored but language itself feels the trip of cloud 9 being a wonder. 🙂

      1. Music in all its form shape is melodic, it’s your psyche that takes shape as you hear, it did me good , thanks my friend, I am happy I wrote that , I felt better , and now you could gimme me something more to hear.

  4. This is beautiful! I liked the idea of a sleepless night, with wolves singing you to sleep — or telling you to get up, because it’s time for some poetry…

  5. Reflections don’t sleep when the beast is up during the full moon. Poetry keeps it high on life, but I can’t get the image of Dr. Evil from Austin Powers out of my mind when he puts his pinky on the side of his mouth.🤔

  6. Sometimes I just need time to think about what you wrote.
    Pinky’s are eccentric, to begin with.
    Marijuana can aid sleep, but some strains keep one awake.
    Most poetry is wrapped in cellophane, making it able to be seen by the world.
    Yours is wrapped in enigma, which makes it harder to be seen.
    Here’s an oldie that popped into my head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeVnbAfcwv8THE ELECTRIC PRUNES

    1. Thank you for introducing me to Electric prunes. I love the vibe and the weirdness of the music. My cut of tea. 🙂

      Your responds to my work is spot on, Resa.

      An enigma that not even myself could figure why or how I am writing these things. 🙂

    1. Bless you, Christy.

      My dreams have been hyper-surreal as of lately. Sometimes its good and sometimes its too weird
      even for myself to comprehend what I just wrote. The dreams have a way about its painting as to translate them on paper. 🙂

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