Avant-magoria #11: Boisterous Inane Web Threads a Smashed Thurible Motionless Forward Unbutton Origin; Jejunum Coagulation Remark


Mosquito revised
300 pages –
spurned, & coiled,
thunder eating
paraplegic verve,
reverse psychology convulsed.



Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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61 thoughts on “Avant-magoria #11: Boisterous Inane Web Threads a Smashed Thurible Motionless Forward Unbutton Origin; Jejunum Coagulation Remark

              1. I want to thank you for introducing me to NIN.
                This number is super awesome. It’s lyrics view my mind. So I can’t think of writing and I don’t want to , I just want to listen 🎵

                1. You are so welcome, Yassy.

                  They’re my favorite band of all time.

                  Glad you loved the song I send you. It’s very industrial and a mix of punk metal. 🙂

                  I’ll send more other noise industrial music like this. 🙂

          1. True fact about me: I have a big phobia of moths. I don’t know why but ever since I was little I’ve always been terrified of moths. I do agree that insects are very interesting and inspiring creatures to study and learn about them. 🙂

          1. To be honest, I can’t remember if I heard it before. But I’m sure I hadn’t seen the video, because it’s hard to forget. It’s impressive how they used a very simple concept and created something so strong.

              1. I remember you are a scientist, but I didn’t remember the details. So, I went back to your About page. I really like it! Especially where you say “science is of the mind, the heart and of the soul.” Yes, it is!

                1. Are you talking to me or Eric?

                  I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. No social media. Other than WordPress. I love WordPress so much because you and all my readers are the best writers of all time and I respect all of you so much. 🙂

                2. That’s the thing with WordPress, Charlie you find writing/writers which/who relate – respect to you for what you do and giving space. As for me I’m on Twitter too, focused on writers, their prose and poetry, it’s spread my words so to speak, poets show their words on Instagram too, going to give it a try soon. Facebook has never been a place for me.

                3. I replied to Basilike. On my comment below. You’ll read why I don’t have social media.

                  I tried Twitter long time ago. It wasn’t for me and it got boring on there.

                  You’re right about Facebook. It’s not a place for anyone. It’s too crazy on there.

                4. Good morning, Charlie!

                  I was talking to Eric, sorry for the misunderstanding.

                  You are a wise man for not having any of these. They are energy suckers. I only have WP and FB, and I visit the latter as least often as possible.

                5. Good morning, Basilike.

                  No problem.

                  My reasons for leaving Facebook 9 years ago was because of old friends, and certain people being full of themselves and it was just too much.

                  Plus, I’ve been meaning to get out of social media since the ‘Myspace’ days. So, when I deleted my whole Facebook account permanently. I felt great…a big relief. Another plus, social media is way too distracting and I wasn’t really getting writing done. Ever since I left…I haven’t stopped writing and continue to focus and read my collection of books and do more writing and get things done.

                  I do hear Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have gone through a big of changes. I’m glad I ain’t on there. I also hear a lot of worse things happening on there.

                  It’s better being free than being distracted.

                  WordPress to me is by far the best thing that’s ever happen and hope WordPress continues to be themselves and not go through changes. I love it here and I love all my friends and I am so happy. 🙂

                6. I understand what you mean. I only use fb to connect with some friends from time to time, see some submission period openings and that’s it. I never engage in conversations with people I don’t know, and don’t accept friend requests from strangers.

                  The more you stay away from social media, the more you write.

  1. ……………………Charlie,

    Allen Ginsberg had “HOWL”
    You have “MOSQUITO”
    I’ll confess that 300 pages was a bit much
    A rather lengthy amusement pier extending from a large dictionary
    I like to think of us as platonic conversationalists
    but you stretch out Thanksgiving to Christmas
    an unlimited number of bullets at the shooting gallery
    a child gone wild at the arcade
    “MOSQUITO” is the totality of life
    I must say that I found the honeymoon escapes amusing
    (popped corks and a wet spot in the shape of Texas)
    it is not easy to articulate the essential and authentic
    and somehow, Baby Bird you have
    Congratulations !!!

    1. …………………………..Michael,

      A mosquito says;
      shape numbers
      wet the dictionary science.

      The popped wild arcade –
      extending its platonic Allen Ginsberg,
      conversationalists have essential Christmas bird.

      Congratulations to the authentic escape
      and the think life gallery.

      That cork spot from 300
      is totality stretch lengthy.

      You must confess thanksgiving
      as unlimited howl –
      rather, somehow articulate honeymoon engine.

    1. Thank you, April. I was going for the deep psychological test in a poetic forum.

      Glad you enjoyed the trip.

      “My left hand is a Rorschach blotch all its own, a six-fingered, skin-blood-and-bone ink splatter. People see it and fly their worst fears and secret fetishes at full mast when they think they’re being discreet. They see it as strange, fascinating, ugly, beautiful, disgusting or erotic depending on what’s behind their eyes.”
      ― Craig Clevenger, The Contortionist’s Handbook

  2. A mosquito that put its “blood”, sweat and tears into a book. If revising didn’t suck the energy out of him, did it bug him in any way?🤔

  3. Reverse psychology turned upside down on itself by a coil repelling and convulsing with its mosquito ridden efforts. I’m never sure about reverse psychology, it seems somehow dishonest in its popular usage.

  4. That is one brainy mosquito.
    I wonder who it bit for all that smart blood?
    Maybe it’s a Jimi mosquito.
    Jimi kissed the sky. The mosquito must have bitten the sky.

    1. A very poetic response to my poem. I love this. 🙂

      P.S P.S Next Monday will be my last post of the Avant-magoria series #13. After that – I’ll be posting new and exciting experimental/cut-up poetry that I have been developing for some time now.

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