Head Hive in Quarantine Jacuzzi


Head quarantine
both ears

Anthropomorphic pulmonary
death prologue
spa Jacuzzi,
buzzword sizzle.


hypnopedia hive seraph!

Hypopharynx, golden pupa magus.


Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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60 thoughts on “Head Hive in Quarantine Jacuzzi

      1. Hey Bojana, I replied to Watt with this:

        “Microorganisms evolve into hideous forms. They hijack the moon felon. Causing sequences in our dreams
        to shift of things that seem hyperreal and one cannot wake up. We may realize – we are in reality but really we aren’t. What if – every single day that we wake up something different may occur, it could be an endless deja vu,
        it drives one to complete madness, wanting to escape from it but one can’t seem to. And those hideous forms tall men controlling our fate and existence. ”

        My dreams have been getting severely scary and I hate dreaming about a future that is unwritten.

    1. Microorganisms evolve into hideous forms. They hijack the moon felon. Causing sequences in our dreams
      to shift of things that seem hyperreal and one cannot wake up. We may realize – we are in reality but really we aren’t. What if – every single day that we wake up something different may occur, it could be an endless deja vu,
      it drives one to complete madness, wanting to escape from it but one can’t seem to. And those hideous forms tall men controlling our fate and existence.

      Hope this helped. 🙂

      1. Obviously, it does. Hideous tall men control our fate and existence, and make kings and the Queens of weekend, in a thrill that cuts all rush.

        1. Yes. Poetry itself can time travel 20 years from now and see what the hideous tall men are planning on us humans. Bring back the information and so humanity will be ready years ahead. It’s all about disrupting the present future and onward.

  1. …………………………. Charlie,

    there comes a day in every man’s life
    when the mental health vitamin jar turns up empty
    what does one do ?
    what would D. H. Lawrence do ?
    what would Charlie do ?
    write poetry with loopholes
    yes, obligation free poetry
    most readers can’t recall the color of the barn
    much less attach meaning to rocket science gibberish

    perhaps one should soak their privates in a bubbling brook
    having philosophical thoughts about cartoon characters

    I recall you suggesting that one should press
    their ear against curiosities chest
    that it would ignite the soul

    (seriously) pressing the ear against curiosities chest
    —————–ignite the soul———————
    more likely, appendicitis

    obligation free poetry
    mummified words
    from a book
    under the short table leg

    obligation free poetry
    mummified words
    given out at Halloween
    to hipsters dressed as Robert Frost

    1. …………………………………..Michael,

      Attach obligation
      in soak philosophical chest Halloween,
      against mummified words –
      appendicitis took over
      the ear poetry frost.

      Curiosities ignite cartoon hipster jar.

      Perhaps, what empty soul recalls
      isn’t rocket vitamin free.

      Much mental loopholes
      should give science
      the bubbling suggestion
      of gibberish nonetheless.

  2. It gave me a picture of someone rich and glamorous going to a day spa. Unfortunately, it was filled with dangerous microorganisms that turned our hero into a monstrosity. Loved it, Charlie!

    1. Thank you my friend. 🙂

      Indeed. The day spa may be cool and all. What if – those microorganisms invade deep within the root of our scalp and penetrate through our brains and control who we are as humans and what dreams they can make us see through their perspective.

  3. This took me several reads and the beginnings of a headache before I gave up trying to figure it out (this piece really threw me for a loop, Charlie!) but I read your reply to Watt a few commenters before me, which helped immensely. I’ve missed how your poetry challenges us to think outside the box.

    1. Thank you, Jade.

      Well, I’m glad it threw you on a loop. Like you everyone else felt the same. 🙂

      This whole poem was a cut up. Remember, William S Burroughs technique of the cut up?

      Experimentation is my way of challenging ever reader and make them dream of unknown places they’ve never could imagine so.

  4. I read your comments and made my way through the meaning of your verse.
    It’s very futuristic.
    I wonder why you dream so, Charlie???

    1. I dream so…because I feel there are dark forces surrounding my sleep pattern.
      My girlfriend and I, haven’t cleansed our room. We usually cleanse it every 3 months or so.

      My dreams can feel real and its frightening to know the future, but I hate the future because its unwritten and no one can think or imagine what’s ahead.

      Therefore, I must write because my mind inspires me so.

      Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground – Official Video [HD]

      1. Your dreams are your subconscious, you dream of things you already know. They manifest themselves when you are vulnerable because you can’t control your thought processes when you are unconscious in slumber.
        Your girlfriend and you need to get into each other’s psyche and drive these fears out , you must thrash it out scream it with her maybe that will cleanse your spirit of these demons. You have to do this together , Charlie, sweet one , don’t worry about the unknown, there are too many things in the present that pull us down. I think you need to focus on the now and let the unknown future take a back seat , get busy with your girl , maybe a road trip or hike , just get away from it all.
        Just sayin’ ! Don’t mind me , Charlie, you are a dear friend so , I maybe said too much.

        1. My girlfriend and I, talk about sync with our psyche and rid off those bad energies.

          However, we got some methods to see what can work for our sleep pattern.

          You’re right, my girlfriend and I, need a vacation and explore outside and distract ourselves.
          We are thinking about going on a road trip soon, so I’m looking forward to it.

          I respect your honesty and I like that. Thank you my friend so much. Bless you. 🙂

          The collective unconscious consists of the sum of the instincts and their correlates, the archetypes. Just as everybody possesses instincts, so he also possesses a stock of archetypal images. ~ Carl Jung

  5. Charlie, I would have not done it without your help. My head is still spinning. I am about to sink into a poetic nightmare.
    What a piece! How could you that? I asked that before, didn’t I? Tell me your secret.

    1. Thank you, Gabriela.

      You’re not alone on the poetic nightmare. 🙂

      I’ve been having really intense dreams about the future. I hate dreaming about the future, yet, I don’t know why I dream about something that its unwritten.

      How David Bowie used ‘cut ups’ to create lyrics – BBC News

      Cut-Ups William S. Burroughs

  6. Charlie this is so genius it’s almost intimidating. But after reading slowly a few times, and referring to your deconstructed explanation, I completely relate to the ambiance and emotional climate in which this was composed. As someone who dreams extremely lucidly on a nightly basis, I’m all too familiar with the powerful experiences that our minds create in sleep. So real they sometimes feel MORE real than when we’re in an awake state. Which is amazing – that our brains have this capability. But this is a double edged sword. Both a blessing and a curse. Naturally – when we venture into nightmare territory, our fear is amplified. Enemies are exponential when they are the object of our own imaginations. This is a brilliant and extremely thought provoking piece Charlie. I’m not sure I personally believe that we have the ability to cleanse a room or space – but I do believe that the act itself, of a cleansing ritual, manifests in our subconscious, altering our perception. Engaging in a physical action to decrease negativity in the atmosphere takes back some of our sense of control. So get that sage and burn it, my friend!

    1. You are right, April. I think dreams are both a blessing and a curse.
      The more we can write down on paper and create such landscapes and imagery –
      we can call these dreams of ours (friends).

      You brought up something that’s been in my mind for sometime and you said it.

      When we fear that fear itself manifests throughout and starts playing with our minds.
      What I find interesting about the brain is the unlimited data we store in there, sets a hurricane within our subconscious and creates it to be the manifestation that is fear. Though, I could be wrong but all interpretation vary.

  7. Ps. I’m a fiercely protective human being. So if the cleansing fails and these gruesome dreams continue to plague you – do let me know. I’ll take care of them 😉

  8. I’m reading this and I’m visualizing someone’s mind being taken over by something dark, like ignorance. It’s a disease and it’s spreading rapidly, reproducing and creating an infestation in the host until they are no longer able to fight it off. Their common sense flies away, leaves the hive and they are left helpless. So something or someone has to come along to quarantine the situation and cure the disease before it spreads further.

    I also see chaos in a bee hive and someone has rattled their home and agitated them. Lol.

    This is insane, Charlie. (in a good way) 😉🙂

    1. You are on point about the ignorance spreading. That disease is causing this planet to divide us and rip each other a part.

      Chaos starts bloating in its stomach. Humans want that feeling of more hated upon this world of ours.

      You nailed it, B. 🙂

      I experimented this poem with something called: ‘Cut up technique’.

      1. You are so right about that, Charlie. It’s really sad that the world is so hungry for such vile things. We can’t even get along anymore. Always arguing, always fighting. Where’s the peace?

        I really loved how you wrote this poem, C. You can really see the image of chaos evolving and spreading in each line. ‘Cut up technique’ – I need to look that one up. I’m always learning something new from you, my friend. 🙂

          1. Thank you, my friend! I’ll be checking these links out later on! Always looking for new inspiring things! 🙂

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