Leviathan Devoured the Biblical Pancreas


Animation tinfoil ox
candy channels.

biblical pancreas.

Brobdingnagian ouroboros
canker comeuppance.

The aghori

Transhumanism unfixed!

Rhombus morphed intransigence!

Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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83 thoughts on “Leviathan Devoured the Biblical Pancreas

    1. Thank you, Bojana.

      Every idea and concept of the bible and where we are today. There’s the judgement of people pointing
      and ripping apart anyone’s belief’s and humanity. This poem is a call to telling the reader. Believe in your own path and create that road for yourself and don’t confine yourself in the fears or judgement of others.

      That’s one aspect of this…the other is sci-fi & psychedelic. The First comment ‘Watt’ posted has a tie in connection and with the reply I gave to him. 🙂

  1. …………………………. Charlie,

    Thanks for your kindness !!!

    Baby Bird, I’m still paddling my canoe across, “Head Hive in Quarantine Jacuzzi”
    and now you’re pumping out prose about a Biblical Pancreas
    somewhere in the creaking machinery, a biblical pancreas
    tinfoil covering pores
    fingers dipped in hot paraffin
    the closer to death, the more people sound like Katherine Hepburn on a bad day
    clarity will no longer be attainable, your head like a discarded Halloween pumpkin

    Baby Bird, your words surface like the mighty Leviathan
    your thoughts bleach the varied blues of reality
    offering neutral shadows to rest and recover
    only mothers with infants could identify

    Charlie, your pillow case may have a thousand stains
    but creativity remains the largest

    Thanks for the DVD
    two golden apples:
    (+) reducing words to the point that they are just collections of letters
    (+) double voicing trash aesthetics

    1. ……………………………………..Michael,

      Clarity collections
      a thousand bird still biblical
      bird like paraffin blues.

      A creaking double (+) –
      mothers thanked the pancreas pores.
      The day head identify
      the prose canoe discarded.

      Aesthetic pillow
      words itself longer than death/
      quarantine offering DVD thoughts
      on hot apples
      and colored sound Halloween.

      Somewhere the Jacuzzi
      remains hive & creatively disposed of.
      Leviathan pumping machinery
      fingers from largest shadows.

      Golden pumpkins only tinfoil
      the neutral stains
      of varied reality covered vast.

      1. And part of that advancement of self is to allow creativity without judgement, to be free, to not be held within the confines of anything. I get that from your poems. I just go with the feeling of them and my mind always wanders somewhere unique. I think that’s inspirational. Nice one my friend, I’m grateful for this expansion you offer.

    1. In any type of writing or art, one creates things that one can interpret in many forms
      of what they’re own imagination can take them. Yet, my nightmares hijack my neurons
      and I love diving deep into the abyss of what the unknown can provide in the pit of knowledge.

      If that’s makes sense. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gina.

      When I originally wrote I had to cut up the sequence of the events within the poem structure
      and giving it a futurism of the new diseases or a regeneration of the self. 🙂

      Language is the one thing I love experimenting with – like painting a picture and giving the meaning a home for the psyche.

  2. I cheated Charlie, I read your replies to deduce more info my friend to your thoughts here today within your poem today..
    Wish more would stride forth and just be brave enough to be different like you Charlie instead of following the ‘herd’…
    If you are interested on learning more about the Signs, we spoke of through links recently I have another channel you will find extremely interesting!! Just give me the nod if so I will email you it via your WP comment email address..
    Hope you are well too..
    Take care Charlie. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading the replies, Sue.

      What I learn before is to never stay or write the same. I must experiment to create a new formula
      of different types of our psyche and tap into the unknown to further study in what goes on in our dreams and beyond.

      Yes, I’m interested in seeing and learning about the signs. Send me the YouTube link and I will look at it. 🙂

      Bless you my dear friend. 🙂

  3. “cathartic leviathan bones” -> from the first 3 words, I knew I was going to like this poem. I like how your poems demand to be read multiple times and the gems you end up with in your technique 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jade.

      I believe with any poems reading them multiple times, each reader gets a different feel and vision of what the author has provided for us. We dive deep and swim further blew and discover surprising and beautiful adventures. Our dreams have that affect on us and that’s why us writers feel the inspiring in our hearts and how we feel in what’s happening around the world.

  4. This is like putting the heart beat of the universe to all your sensibilities!
    Another step in brilliance, you are a master of the starlight, your dreams spiral into intoxicating verses.
    This is going to be learning thing for me.
    I need time to mull on this. Like opening of a third eye.

    1. Thank you, Yassy.

      The challenges the universe provides, the nightmares that solitude the world inside my head
      are something I embrace. Poetry is a delicacy. Once eaten by the readers senses. The flavors burst
      and spread in the dream world of what one has creating in that universe. 🙂

          1. What a wonderful compliment coming from the master of verse, himself.
            May you see all your dreams come true , ahem, not the sleeping ones, those give us your poetry, lol you know what I mean ,you, Charlie, you.

      1. May you keep creating new language and words and zoom through them as effortlessly as this too–maybe you don’t do it effortlessly but that is how seamless this all sounds. A very rare achievement.

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