Hemophiliac Kool-Aid


dogma 33.


Golgi apparatus plangent.


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All rights Reserved.

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76 thoughts on “Hemophiliac Kool-Aid

      1. Oh what a creative process that is. I am even more intrigued. I always start with an emotion, one word, one photo that sparks a feeling. I would never know how to deal with an abundance of words. Hmmm….splash the canvas…maybe that’s why I don’t paint!!

        I think you have a very brilliant mind Charlie

        1. Anything object, photo, or art, can trigger many emotions and that emotion sparks an inspiration within our hearts. As writers we have a responsibility to heal this world and everyone around us. Writing is therapy and the cure. 🙂

  1. I love the cryptic sounds of the blood that floods and drips to the rhythm of soulful instruments. Musical and medical, a panacea for all.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I love to let my mind wander to it’s corners when I read your poems. And I’m often surprised and inspired as a result.

    Great work Charlie.

    1. The blood drips off the mechanical machine god.

      The chanting of musical creatures go completely mad.

      Humanity Hemophiliacs a puddle of kool-aid river on earths soil.

      My dreams took me further in many futures to come.

      Thank you my friend. So glad this made you think and enjoyed the poem of its rhythmic soul.

    1. panacea – is the cure for future and previous events of all diseases.
      Hence the markov chain of events. Fixing the problems now and time travel forward
      and warning the next generation of what disease are to come.

      In my dreams – I do a lot of time travel over and over to fix what the future needs to be in a solid place.

      Hope this helped?

    1. Flow is correct my friend.

      Here’s the meaning I replied to Bojana:

      “Panacea – is the cure for future and previous events of all diseases.
      Hence the markov chain of events. Fixing the problems now and time travel forward
      and warning the next generation of what disease are to come.”

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. Rachel’s interpretation is absolute. I love how you stretch the.kind to cryptic corners, and show a 3 Dimensional movie in shades of cool.

    1. The four dimensional is the markov chain of the probability of events to come.
      Hence, time travel further within our dream state.

      In our dream state we can change future events, warning the next generation to not repeat the same mistakes as us. I believe in that possibility.

      Hope this helped. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Charlie. It does.

        “In our dream state we can change future events, warning the next generation to not repeat the same mistakes as us. I believe in that possibility.”
        I am still thinking about this.

    1. The couple of comments above I responded them with this explanation:

      ““Panacea – is the cure for future and previous events of all diseases.
      Hence the markov chain of events. Fixing the problems now and time travel forward
      and warning the next generation of what disease are to come.”

      Thank you, Yassy. I needed to dive further into this markov chain and its dream state sequence.

  3. ………………………..Charlie,

    Thanks for your kindness !

    when I saw the title of this poem, “HEMOPHILIAC KOO-AID”
    my first thought was an exotic-erotic dancer from Transylvania
    the entire Koo family are famous for their snazzy antics
    I figured you accidently left off the last A in AIDA
    AIDA was a very happy girl

    as usual, your words are explosions in the quiet darkness of everyday
    neighbors and other strangers secretly have the impulse to censor you
    to police you——old fashion restraint

    perhaps in the future, your words will enhance people’s relationship with life
    open up access to new rhythms—-new ways to function
    not from the ashes but from ludicrousness

    “absurdity” was the reason Robert Frost locked his doors at night

    1. ………………………………….Michael,

      Thank you for your wonderful kindness!

      From poem
      to happy neighbor snazzy life,
      Screen-glow stay up
      at night – anxiously opening
      to a secretly access rhythm;
      banking on the new reason impulse quiet.

      Ashes in words
      cramp everyday
      while the kool-aid Saturn
      turns itself into a famous dancer.

      Robert Frost
      was blacklisted by Hollywood –
      he telephoned Alfred Hitchcock
      for his darkness enhanced crows.

      But Transylvania restrained
      its post-production absurdity,
      and went more ludicrous
      than a saw title police antic hemophiliac.

      From executive exotic galaxies
      brings you function censor capitalism/
      and its explosion figured family fashion stranger future.

      1. ………………………………Charlie,

        got a chuckle out of your badmouthing Robert Frost
        the “KING OF POETRY”
        as you well know, I spit on Robert Frost
        when I first meet strangers, I ask them if they favor Robert
        the answer often determines my direction and speed

        blacklisted by Timothy Leary and Dizzy Gillespie
        Robert telephoned Alfred Hitchcock
        curious about acquiring darkness enhanced crows
        gutter birds in dull black vinyl
        strong sharp-toed feet
        ready to cause harm

        Motel Money for a Hemophiliac
        cryptic references to rust water in the veins
        no blood turned away (the sign outside)
        STDs and other sins welcome
        trousers so tight
        you had to stand on your head
        regardless of your fame
        you empty rather slowly

        1. …………………………………Michael,

          The blacklisted telephoned
          had sharp-toed strangers
          in favor of Timothy Leary
          and his harm oranges.

          Robert Frost was determining
          to stretch darkness limbs
          & chuckle the cause cryptic king.

          Dizzy gillespie
          flooded planet Jupiter
          with vinyl veins
          and hemophiliac clouds.

          Money dull – water trousers: references outside acquiring.

          Enhanced fame
          is a crow anthropomorphic blood bird STD welcome.
          It sins away
          the empty motel head.

          Badmouthing Alfred Hitchcock you say?

          Spit sign slowly ask –
          answer thee out in speed,
          regardless of poetry gutter tight.

    1. Thank you my friend. 🙂

      I love experimenting with words,
      language is like going to a science lab and creating something unprecedented
      in the biophysiology and the microcosm of our universe. I blend them together or shall I say, use the cut up technique
      and the results are beautiful and strangely odd. 🙂

    1. Thank you my friend.

      Experimenting with this poem in the cut up fashion made the imagery more enhanced for any reader to think of the idea of blood and the Kool-aid factor.

      I love dissecting words and randomizing them into a body of collage. 🙂

  4. haemophiliac, disorder of the blood… … Maybe we all need our DNA cleansed Charlie and could do with a transfusion of LOVE ❤
    Now that would get my heart racing! and my cells working.. 🙂

    Sending love and well wishes Charlie. Look out later for that link.. ❤

    1. Thank you, Mark.

      Different paces is what I always go for in my poetic writings. I never stay the same I push mentality my imagination to go where no poet has gone before. 🙂

      I’ll be posting another new one tomorrow morning. 🙂

            1. 🙂

              “Mad Matter: “Have I gone mad?”
              Alice: “I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”
              ― Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland: Based on the Motion Picture Directed by Tim Burton

        1. All my poems are cut up. If you hadn’t noticed.

          I want to share these 2 videos with you and see if you feel inspired by them:

          How David Bowie used ‘cut ups’ to create lyrics – BBC News

          Cut-Ups William S. Burroughs

          Let me know.

          1. I figured on some level they were a word mosaic – but it’s done so well Charlie, due to your exceptional understanding of language and rhythm! Leaves me in awe every time.

            I absolutely find those videos inspirational. Though – I’m a tad biased with regards to Bowie. The man can do no wrong in my eyes. Very interesting watches and give me a little more insight into your creative process!!

    1. Vividly well said. 🙂

      It does feel like an infected spa and these tiny microbes taking or I should say; hijacking our neurons for which we have no control of what we are doing.

      It’s the parasite in science that experiments with bad chemicals.

    1. Back in my days I remember one time…a friend of mine played a good prank on me that his tongue was bleeding. He might has add way too much Kool-aid on his glass because he convinced me it was blood. hahahaha!!! He got me good. 🙂

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