Kaleidoscope Multiverse Anthem


Voodoo multiverse supreme fiend,
salpinx cringe
the heaven brane.

Doppelganger Gehenna
of lachrymose.
Recap libido

Kaleidoscope sialogogue!

The anthem doom
reflection in manifold.



Copyright © 2019 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

No part of Kaleidoscope Multiverse Anthem – may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Charlie Zero the Poet and his poetry works with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.



77 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Multiverse Anthem

  1. So, I just go rogue with your poems and write whatever comes to my mind in response. I think this is the beauty and attraction I find to your writing. It’s art.

    The universe shatters into multiverse leaving us with this kaleidoscopic den of separated yet fundamental particles. We can see anything we want, all our fantasies and wildest dreams in these basal shards of light. A spectrum of sinners though to saints, depending on which way you look.

    1. Your interpretation to my work is spot on and brilliantly well descriptive.

      It is art, art that speaks for itself without having to explain the mystery.

      The floating shards of particles suspend in midair, twirling around while the lights of the mirror reflects our destiny.
      That destiny can become whatever we see such a possibility fit within the spectrum of time.

      1. “It is art, art that speaks for itself without having to explain the mystery.”

        Yes!!!! That is exactly how I see it! I love it when I go to an art gallery and I am confronted with images and colours and shapes and dimensions that I could not even imagine. Just immersing myself in it, appreciating it at whatever lrvrl it speaks to me. Sometimes the original meaning is a mystery but the effect on me is immense, even if it’s not immense in a way that can be put into words.

        I LOVE your use of a kaleidoscope in this writing . It transports me.

        1. I know exactly what you mean.

          Like any art gallery one does become hypnotized by how detail the artist put his/or her art in pure sweat and heart.

          That’s what art does…heals us and makes us escape for a while the reality that we are mixed in. Especially, film – the escapism of cinema gets our creativity and numbs us to that world of cinema that we all need. Beauty, chaos. and message.


  2. Today I had time to dissect some of the words within your poem today Charlie.
    We live in a Hologram much like a Kaleidoscope Mirrors and Smoke.. Or should that be Smoke and Mirrors..
    The Plot to ‘Kill’ us off, not just the Master Lord, has been on going in history.
    We are all but particles within the ‘Field’ and when one truly understands the Universe and our Matrix, one will also get a dry mouth, and be lost for words.. And many will be found weeping! And Wailing!..

    Much love my friend 🙂

    1. Sue,

      I applaud your abbreviated critical examination of this poem !
      Somehow you added up all the millions of floating numbers
      overhead and came up with the correct answer.
      Although I still inhabit this planet, I am witness to the
      “weeping and wailing”.
      No way out but forward.
      Be strong !

      1. We all have to be strong Michael for what we are allowing to manifest. Charlie’s gift of words needs attention. I am not always in ‘tune’ or aligned with his thoughts, but today I had the time to dig deeper into his ‘field’ of thinking, and I do thank you Michael for sharing praise my atunement was on the right path.
        Many thanks again Sue 🤗

    2. The Multiverse is a dome that which traps earth around.

      Some of us can’t be fooled by the Kaleidoscope web. Other become manipulated by its illusion.
      Its like the old saying; ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, Man repeats History’.

      All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter. ~ Max Planck

      1. Indeed Charlie we are trapped, the more we learn about this matrix surrounding earth the more you understand it’s illusion. The more you SEE how controlled and manipulated the masses are.
        The link I sent I hope will also add more light to the ‘darkness’ which surrounds us. 🤗💕

        1. You’re absolutely correct.

          The illusion that control our planet we must free ourselves away from it. 🙂

          Sue, I just replied a different email to you on yesterdays comment. Read it and let me know if you saved that email I just send. 🙂

        1. That’s the thing about Charlie’s work, it inspires thoughts that would never have come about without it. Which is amazing in itself considering I don’t know the meaning of most of the words. And also, when I respond to it, I try not to question the sensibilities of my own words too much. I love that.

            1. Ahh Charlie. It would make my heart happy to make your heart happy. I would love to make this into a poem….(linking to you of course), I will see if I can turn it into something 💛

      1. Oh my gosh, I feel like I’m never going to get into the swing of things. I always loved having a leisure life. It’s not very leisure anymore. Ugh. How are you dear heart?

        1. It’s quite alright my friend. 🙂 Life has us as busy bees. It’s difficult to maintain a balance.

          I’ve been good. Just keeping bust with work, writing, and reading odd and weird books. 🙂

          How about you? what are you currently reading?

  3. This got into my mind’s imagination, Charlie. It’s a complete and intricate multiverse and the more I study it, it reveals itself in interesting ways.
    From your mind to ours, feels like a new universe!

  4. the male and female enigmas of universe and also humankind’s struggle for identity, through the chaos, particles settle like dust over lust and lure. that just popped into my mind Charlie, i love your twist and play with words, you create such an interlude for us to frolic about. i could be so way off but i just love reading your thoughts!

    1. wow! Gina…that was a really great observation and deep analysis of my poem.

      The male and female enigma concept is spot on and you blew me away. That is the struggle I speak of within this cryptic poem of our world and the connection to the universe entity.

      The confusion has been stirring us towards chaos, sometimes, us humans forget the balance of both.

      1. there’s a taste to your words even in its mystery and beauty. its exploring the psyche to achieve that balance, too often distractions and rejection add to the confusion, don’t give into the power of the negative enigma and you will achieve the enlightenment. well my thoughts upon reading your excellent poetry Charlie.

        1. I try my best to keep positive in and steer away from the negative. The secret to pushing out those negative energies are drinking green tear or calming tea. It keeps my mind and body relaxed and I feel protected and surrounded by spiritual light.

          It’s always therapeutic to write and create such a mosaic of creation and balance. 🙂

          Bless you, Gina. 🙂

  5. It’s a Video Game!
    There are 3 major levels. When the 3rd is complete, you fight Lucifer in Heaven. If you impale him enough times, and in the right places, he will be slain & becomes lost in the cosmos.
    Along the way, you must beat, although not always by warring, Supreme Disease (watch out he has a doppelganger who will trick you and drain your energy), a sexy, evil siren and and an abstract vortex that makes no sense because the army is light and colour.
    Just a thought!

    1. Resa,

      Your analysis of my poem is spot on. 🙂

      Lucifer has always been the problem of dividing us humans away from the idea of heaven and hell’s existence.

      Well, us humans we don’t need to choose right or left, up or down, positive or negative, we choose one path and that is forwards.

      Thoughts…what you expressed here on the comment you should turn it into a poem. 🙂

  6. Wow! Charlie, you never cease to amaze me with how you make all these images come to my mind. This one makes me see color bursts, explosions of stars… things being born and dying, only to continue the cycle all over again. I think of space actually… all the wonders that are out there – the mysteries floating around. Again.. I am more than likely way off on the intended interpretation, but still… it took me to that image. Lol.
    Loved this!

  7. Brilliant! Genius Charlie! This was very thought provoking…and I did read Rachel’s work and it was lovely, genius as well…You know, for many years I’ve often thought that we are all within a drop of water that some scientist is looking at under a microscope, seeing us scurry about like little microbes…and we are as well microbes with microbes, who have microbes and the spiral goes downward getting smaller and smaller ad infinitum…
    Great work my friend,

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