Ossuary Sampled Barf Dream Kombucha


 Machine flashing god/
I blinked equating it
with a forged almanac ‘S’.

Patina simper outside/
     fervor ossuary;
kombucha dream petrography,
     eternal tickled phosphene’s gaze/
the box powder teeth song sampled thought barf.

Etymon charnel candida/
untoward hypothesis,
parapegma sweat.
Toledan tables
coup de grace,
you miracle a philosophy
that taught
a mermaid to sob/
and the radiant habitat deflated.



Copyright © 2020 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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97 thoughts on “Ossuary Sampled Barf Dream Kombucha

  1. So much within the words you have chosen here Charlie…
    Let me see…
    The Ancient seer knew a thing or two about the inner light, and remarkably tried leaving their Almanac clues chiselled in stone…
    Mostly science doesn’t want us finding the real clues and so create their mind numbing controls … with their drug and mind controlling games.. And diets.. So most remain in their own boxes ‘dead’ to reality. 🙂 while consuming what they are being fed.

    Love that you mentioned Kombucha, I have not got any on the ferment right now, but I made it regular at one time..

    Have a great day Charlie.. And one should look deeper into the Archaeology of this world… And they then might find Deeper Truths as they dig beneath the earth.. 🙂

    Much love my friend… Take care of you.. 🙏

    1. The clues are and have always been within us. We don’t need science medicine to help find what we are seeking. It’s there we just need to understand its purpose and its light that chemically nourishes our soul and mind.

      I thought the Kombucha reference paid well with the theme of the poem. 🙂

      1. I am all for natural remedies Charlie, and looking at alternatives…. While I can not recommend what I did to others, being suitable for them. it suited me, Which was to throw away my prescription pills both to my
        depression and anti inflammatory drugs for FMS, And I went the alternative route. Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Affirmations and Self healing, Reiki, Gong Baths, as in Mind over Matter..
        I went from being someone who could hardly climb my own stairs and using a stick at one point, to some one who can carry a backpack and go hiking… 🙂

    1. far better to miracle a philosophy
      a hot geyser of odd spellings
      a wild explosive outpouring
      touched with psychopathology
      autobiographical lunacy
      superficial cuts
      with a dull knife
      and that special day
      that it slipped in
      and God was there
      with his friction

        1. wanted: someone to hard boil clay

          Satan and his crew
          they boil all hours of the day

          rewired sin
          up-to-date sin
          sin with sugar and corn oil
          at the press of a button
          sin that can park itself

          at school under pressure
          the small child confesses
          “my father is a psychoholic”

        2. wanted: someone to clean up after a drunk monkey
          hard boiled clay

          the plunging to and fro
          she said that was the sex
          I wanted to turn on the light
          I wanted to see what was what

          having seen photos
          of snakes swallowing
          other snakes
          I figured her snake
          was swallowing mine

          the trance-like ecstasy
          came at a terrible price

          1. Wiggle till you’re high,
            wiggle till you’re higher
            Wiggle till you vomit fire
            Wiggle till it whispers,
            wiggle till it hums
            Wiggle till it answers,
            wiggle till it comes
            Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
            like satin and silk
            Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
            like a pail of milk
            Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,
            rattle and shake
            Wiggle like a big fat snake
            ~ Bob Dylan

              1. Hearts turned on
                Hearts switched off
                Hearts that are hungry
                Hearts that stay soft
                Hearts getting hard
                Hearts that stray
                Hearts of innocence
                that just love to play
                Hearts way too heavy
                Time to throw it all away
                Hearts that get betrayed
                and freeze up inside
                Hearts that lose the way
                A walk on the wild side
                Hearts that rejoice
                Hearts that turn the tide
                Hearts making a choice
                Hearts taken for a ride

                1. I tried to hide the dark spots
                  and I did hide the dark spots
                  and I went through college
                  and relationships and employment
                  years and years of employment
                  and a million times
                  I was almost found out
                  but somehow
                  I managed to keep things under wraps
                  famous people and street people
                  from the least to the most
                  the first one
                  the last one

                2. There is a crack in everything
                  Nothing new under the sun
                  Getting away with it
                  Getting way out of it
                  is the best vantage point for some
                  to glimpse at what it to come
                  But hard for grace to interface
                  In the fullness of time and a space
                  where all is one
                  the darkness will dissolve
                  as the light takes it’s place
                  The return of the Son

                3. everyone was complaining
                  having to make room for the new bud
                  old growth with no where to go
                  the inward vision exhausted
                  nine fingers and no more

                  there may be a problem
                  my legs are growing together

                4. Those yet to come
                  Those long gone
                  To the beating heart
                  Of a Universal song
                  Heavy metal gospel
                  And unified strong
                  Yet lighter than a feather
                  That body-soul spiritual
                  Getting it on
                  To right the wrong
                  Getting it all togther

                5. Watch out now, take care
                  Beware of falling swingers
                  Dropping all around you
                  The pain that often mingles
                  In your fingertips
                  Beware of darkness

                  Watch out now, take care
                  Beware of the thoughts that linger
                  Winding up inside your head
                  The hopelessness around you
                  In the dead of night

                  Beware of sadness
                  It can hit you
                  It can hurt you
                  Make you sore and what is more
                  That is not what you are here for

                  Watch out now, take care
                  Beware of soft shoe shufflers
                  Dancing down the sidewalks
                  As each unconscious sufferer
                  Wanders aimlessly
                  Beware of Maya

                  ~ Leon Russell

                6. gone lighter
                  my skin falling off
                  the doctor said that it could be worse
                  those amplified ears
                  metal feathers turned to hair
                  each ear sporting a moustache
                  each moustache a genuine gospel
                  up half the night with them in battle
                  God so happy about the true mystery of blood
                  Satan pleased that blood lives in the dark

                7. When you pass through the fire
                  You pass through humble
                  You pass through a maze
                  of self doubt
                  When you pass through humble
                  The lights can blind you
                  Some people never figure that out
                  You pass through arrogance,
                  you pass through hurt
                  You pass through
                  an ever-present past
                  And it’s best not to wait
                  for luck to save you
                  Pass through the fire to the light
                  As you pass through the fire
                  Your right hand waving
                  There are things
                  you have to throw out
                  That caustic dread
                  inside your head
                  Will never help you out
                  You have to be very strong
                  ‘Cause you’ll start from zero
                  Over and over again
                  And as the smoke clears
                  There’s an all-consuming fire
                  Lying straight ahead
                  They say no one person
                  can do it all
                  But you want to in your head
                  But you can’t be Joyce
                  So what is left instead?
                  You’re stuck with yourself
                  And a rage that can hurt you
                  You have to start
                  at the beginning again
                  And just this moment
                  This wonderful fire
                  started up again
                  When you pass through humble
                  When you pass through sickly
                  When you pass through
                  I’m better than you all
                  When you pass through
                  Anger and self deprecation
                  And have the strength
                  to acknowledge it all
                  When the past makes you laugh
                  And you can savor the magic
                  That let you survive your own war
                  You find that that fire is passion
                  And there’s a door up ahead;
                  not a wall
                  As you pass through fire,
                  as you pass through fire
                  Trying to remember its name
                  When you pass through fire,
                  licking at your lips
                  You cannot remain the same
                  And if the building’s burning
                  Move towards that door
                  But don’t put the flames out
                  There’s a bit of magic in everything
                  And then some loss to even things out

                  ~ Lou Reed

                8. pharmacological
                  old school therapy
                  mired in mechanistic-mystical quicksand
                  they say that one won’t sink past the waist
                  souls in the Burning Lake never say that

                  Poetry Workshop task
                  prose on the topic:
                  The Medicalization of Crazy
                  (+) too little, too much
                  (+) wrong shape, wrong size
                  (+) wrong color, wrong strength

                9. The diagnosis
                  was all wrong
                  And so was
                  the second opinion
                  It wasn’t worth
                  the bloodshed
                  and burnt earth
                  it was written on
                  Freud was caught hiding
                  on the wrong side of town
                  and found guilty of fraud
                  Jung then ran away
                  to a Gypsy Circus
                  and now practices
                  with the bearded lady
                  whilst meditating
                  upon the precipice of existence
                  calling upon
                  the collective conciousness
                  whilst chanting “AUM”
                  But the circus geek
                  keeps shrieking
                  … “Nobody’s Home!”

          1. psychodrama
            a life like those machines in a laundry
            where you feed coins
            a romance without soft lips

            simple anticipations
            after the honeymoon
            in a crevice
            beyond the grasp

            a desirable means to an end
            the solution seems simple
            a stroke of the axe
            an end to the thorn

          2. Charlie:

            if I were to write “bulls lick the pin”
            they would strap me to a rocket
            and point it towards Mars

            remember that Americans are different
            from all other people
            Americans are free to do as they please

  2. I don’t quite know why exactly, but I really like your stuff. At the very least you are a master at cut and paste poems!
    BTW I did a few experimental iPoems, co-authoring poems with my phones suggested next word and auto-correct, I might be on to something, at least it was fun to do!

  3. i have never done cut and paste poetry and your work flows beautifully. the last few lines provoke something in me, teaching a mermaid to sob, creating an emotion they never knew or the physical aspect of exhibition? you take my mind to wonderful places, never the same place twice!

    1. The Cut up technique is very fun and challenging to write.

      As Burroughs said: “When you cut into the present the future leaks out.”

      That is what I do with all my poems. Every sentence becomes linear and lots of stanzas pop out to give the writer best results.

      You should try and experiment with the cut up. You’ll see the results you find out for yourself. It’s quite amazing. 🙂

  4. Oh my GODS!!!
    “fervor ossuary; / kombucha dream petrography,” !!!

    And that whole last stanza:
    “prostration, / perversion, / you miracle a philosophy / that taught / a mermaid to sob/ / and the radiant habitat deflated.” !!!

    Charlie, this one is on fire.
    I strongly believe mermaid habitats are being re-built upon the soul of these words.

    1. Thank you Nadine.

      I love using the cut up technique on all my works. Some of them depending on the subject.
      But, mostly experiment and finding out the random results I get with cut up poetry.

      Those imagery stanzas really made you think huh? 🙂 My job is done. hahahaha!!!

      Every mermaid builds a giant walking soul that shape-shifts into billions of words. Imagine that?

      1. They do make me think but they also buzz my brain in a wholistic way. Which I very much enjoy. :))
        “Every mermaid builds a giant walking soul that shape-shifts into billions of words.” Imagining that… *Loving* that! 🙏💙🧜‍♀️

            1. It’s from his album ‘Earthlings’. That whole album is very techno/industrial rock/ etc. He was a musical genius. Also, if you listen to the lyrics closely of the song. It’s all cut up. But it flows well with the music. Actually, the whole album is cut up technique in terms of his lyrics. 🙂 They’re strange and awesome.

    1. Thank you my friend.
      I had to push more meaning and added a tad bit substance to where and how the poem would reflect upon the readers imagination and what they interpret it in their own case. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed the poem very much.

  5. This is very much wondrously thought provoking, Charlie! That last part is really resonating with me:
you miracle a philosophy
that taught 
a mermaid to sob/
and the radiant habitat deflated.”
    Wow. I also love the kombucha addition. So glad to have found your work!!

    1. Thank you April.

      It was an accident when I was doing the cut up. The result was the ending that just stood there and it appeared on me with those lines. I said yes! Cut up poems are fun to experiment with. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the line. 🙂

  6. Makes me think of a deceptive person that perverts the truth. I guess when I got to the mermaid sobbing, I saw her as a victim of this perversion. More than likely, this is not the intended meaning, but hey.. it’s Art! 🙂. You do this so well, C. Really love the imagery you painted in this one.

    1. Deceptive and perverting truth is a metaphor of our planet. Humans have failed continuously to hurt mother nature. The mermaid symbolism of earth sobbing and in a sense the chaos that is unleashing

      I’m glad you loved the imagery on the poem and interpret it well.

  7. This one had a different feel to it. It’s like einsteinium poetry. It’s great Charlie. You explain well, so it’s also fun reading comments.

    1. Thank you Yassy.

      I’m glad your enjoyed the poem and read the comments to better help understand the poem itself. 🙂 I’ll try my best to explain each of my poems as best as possible. Some I’ll explain and others I’ll leave it as a mystery. In other words art speaks for itself. 🙂

  8. I thought my favorite line was going to be “machine flashing god” but then I got to the end and your lines about a philosophy that taught a mermaid to sob and a radiant habitat deflated, wow! So thought-provoking and vivid! Bravo.

  9. Hello beautiful poet soul:) I like it!! I gotta be honest with you, I need to look up a few words here, which I very rarely need to do, because English is not my mother tongue …
    shows how next-level-word-wizardry your poetry is!! 🙂 Really resonated with your lines prostration,
    you miracle a philosophy
    that taught
    a mermaid to sob/
    and the radiant habitat deflated.

    Let´s make Arielle happy again, hehe. Blessings 🙂

  10. Psychodrama …
    Qu’est-ce que c’est!?
    There’s a killer on the road
    The Ossuary kissed a girl
    and turned into a highway toad
    Patina had else nothing to say
    Just a wild predator
    howling at the moon
    as that dream kombucha
    keeps Doctor Feelgood away

      1. The casual Ossuary
        catches the early virus
        As pieces of Rock legends
        dissolve in the goats head soup
        of psychodrama salad dressing
        My Feelgood for a Toad Doctor
        as the Kingdom of Kombucha is
        served to Jimi Hendrix upon a
        sliver dream by Janis Nightshade

        1. Also, I’m glad this made you think because right now…in these chaotic times I want to share some fun and interesting poems. People are in fear right now and I can’t say I blame them.

          Next Monday, I’ll be posting more fun and experimental poems for everyone to enjoy and escape. 🙂

          1. That’s amazing you say that Charlie, I feel the same. I actually posted about that too, with some encouragement from Stephen Fuller 🙂
            It’s so important to keep some perspective right now, and to have fun.

            1. Yes. Being hopeful and giving people and escapism, whether it be music, books, poetry, exercising at home, meditation, or watching comedy movies. Those are the things we need now and all of us need to unite and stand strong against this plague.

              I will read your post now. 🙂

  11. I nearly missed your amazing poetry Charlie. No notifications on this one. It’s awesome , your words always send my imagination into a tail spin ! Love the music links too. Thank you dear Charlie. 😊

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