Message to all my friends (WordPress Issue)


All my comments and replies are (NOT) coming in the notification bell!

Instead all your comments go straight to my blog post and I don’t see them till’ later.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue as I am?

I wrote to ‘WordPress’ help/contact forum and hopefully their tech support can help resolve the issue.Β 


~Charlie Zero the Poet

72 thoughts on “Message to all my friends (WordPress Issue)

  1. Yes, me too! I’ve already contacted them and they said that the comment notification issue is a bug that is already identified by the developers and they’re on it…
    It’s been happening two days now. What’s weird is that you get to see the likes and some comments but not all the comments in the admin bar and you have to check ‘Comments’ in the dashboard to see them.
    Thanks for writing about it. I was going to also…

    1. I’m not alone. Interesting…your comment, Drew, & Dale popped up on the notification bell.
      As for everyone else? Nothing. Just likes and I have to view my blog post and all the comments are there.

      Hope the tech support developers fix the issues so we can all get back to blogging again and communicating with everyone.

      You are welcome Marina. Glad I’m not the only one. πŸ™‚ I wrote to them as well and I send them my link and also told them…I’m not the only one who is experiencing this issue.

      1. IKR… well, they’ve already responded that the comment notification issue is a bug already identified and is in their developers’ queue and will be fixed as soon as possible. So fingers crossed! πŸ˜‰
        FYI Your comment went through the …bell! πŸ˜‰ Not others though!

        1. Interesting. So, twice your comment showed up on my notification bell along with likes. Now, your comment did (Not) show up but only like???? 😦

          Fingers crossed! Hope they fix the problem. Had to postpone my recent blog till’ this Friday. Just so everything gets back to normal.

          1. This is neat… I am getting your comments! It’s the same on my other blog… only a few friends’ comments get through. Consistently the same ones it seems, too.

  2. Same with me… Some are making it to my notifications window and some are not. It is annoying like hell. The likes get through so I go to my post to see if there is a comment to go with…

    1. Yes! Me too. It’s crazy. It’s never happen before and few others are also experiencing the same issue. It is annoying and we all just want to get back to communicating with others normally without hassle.

      My likes get through as well but my comments show up here on the post without the notification bell. 😦

    1. Question: When this issue happen to you yesterday. Did you get in touch with tech support? and if so, how long did it take them to fix the problem? I know WP has been experiencing some bug issue. Hope they fix it soon. I did write to them on Forum and the title is clear enough.

  3. Hi Charlie – I too am experiencing the vagaries of WordPress – not being notified of comments in a haphazard way, some I’m shown, some I’m not, I’ve taken to going back to blogs where I’ve made comments to see if there are replies – and sometimes even found a comment I thought I’d made is no longer there. As for communication with WordPress I’ve long given up, they never understood the issue I had with my comments to other bloggers all too often being put into their ‘Spam’, it’s not as bad as it was now, but a year on and it’s still a bit of a lottery. Good Luck. Eric.

    1. Glad I am not alone.

      So far, the tech support staff are working on the issue and on the Forum the noise is being shouted and heard by the community.

      I know exactly what you mean…I hope things get resolved by what we’re all experiencing.

            1. Interesting. Hmmm….??? It might be working. I’m going to blog with my other friends and see what happens. My original post that I was going to put up is rescheduled till’ Monday morning at 3:00am. Hopefully, then everything will be completely normal and back the way things are. πŸ™‚ You comment and likes showed up. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Charlie… This was happening to me too before my quiet spell… I find I would go to my blog page just to check as I do sometimes as sometimes I can miss them in the comments … I found several I have never had in my Bell alert… And other quiet perfect comments in spam…
    Today has been a roller coaster with WP Gremlins and Browser and Internet glitches… Its taken for ever just to answer my comments today as I try catching up… Hugs your way my friend

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