Threads of Goo Reactivate the Skies Carcass

Machines disguised David lynch the alphabet
as jabberwocky.
John Titor
Mickey Mouse in Vietnam.

Ménage à trois, who is behind our face?
Omega swelled latex/
the Wyoming incident drum interlude.

Kanaribbles graft
possessed by irrationality jubilation.

Gluing preclude lithium-ion!

The scandal skies threads/
ylem 11b-x-1371.
The cauldron control carcass/
said simulation teeth lice
of cantaloupe reactivate automatons.

Felicific epitaph!

Goo plicanquirer/
quandary sagablusers
pinion fucker.

The atom tribunal hazardous clip094 – (world).

Hereafter, pieces tantrum tasted ghost noodles.



Copyright © 2020 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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71 thoughts on “Threads of Goo Reactivate the Skies Carcass

  1. All I can say Charlie… The links speak to me of madness…. All of our own creation… 🙂
    Keep Sane my friend…. its a world full of ‘ Loosh’!! that is being lapped up right now..

    Sending Huge Hugs from the UK… 🙂

    1. Thank you, Marina.

      I take it you clicked on the links that directed you straight the the strange world of ‘YouTube’. Glad you see the symbolism and imagery within the poem itself. 🙂

      Here’s what influence the poem among other songs.

      Merzbow – Woodpecker No. 1 – Pulse Demon

        1. Merzbow is one of the best noise musicians out there. That album ‘Pulse Demon’ is by far his masterpiece of brutal noise straight from Hell. hahahahaha!!!! I figured you may or may not enjoy this type of noise but I said let’s see if she does enjoy. 🙂

          Glad you checked out the links and enjoyed the poem and videos and music influence even more so.

          Here’s another influence that went into this:

          phase fatale – spoken ashes

          1. It’s certainly the type of music that needs a certain state of mind to listen to – not exactly a matter of liking or not – I’ll have a listen to the other links of Phase Fatale tomorrow… [bed time! 😉 ]Cheers!

            1. Awesome. So, I just finished today listening to the whole entire album of Merzbow ‘Pulse Demon’. That is the most brutal noise music/nightmare and very obnoxious. I love it but, I don’t know how you will feel about listening to just one song. It’s definitely an experience album to listen to.

    1. The poem your reading is (NOT) a riddle, clue, or anagram. It’s just a simple poem. Well, with a strangeness to it.

      You can do two things:

      1.) You can read the poem for what it is as art.

      2.) You can read the poem while clicking on the links that will send you directly to ‘YouTube’ videos which some are short. And then try to make sense of the videos with the poem itself.

      It’s your choice how you want to read the poem. 🙂 I promise you its not too much work. 🙂

    1. Have you clicked on the links? And watched the short video clips? Do any of the videos make sense with the poem itself?

      Trust me…no complication here. Just an experimental cut up poem/links to short art video clips. 🙂

      Here’s what influenced the poem.


  2. Fuck!!!! Micky Mouse got killed in Nam. And all he wanted was to see the world.
    Was he that stupid or just adventurous? Maybe he loved his country way more than his country cared for him. Stupid fucker.

    1. hahahahahaha!!!! LOL!!!!

      You had me at the end with ‘Stupid fucker’. LOL!!!!

      Yeah, Micky Mouse was a bit of both stupid and adventurous. At this point our country would pretend to care for his patriotism than him having to just amuse the world with cheer and lollipops. Which isn’t fooling anyone. hahahahahaha!!!!

      Great observation, Bojana. 🙂

  3. I clicked on all the links ., yes and the poem itself is pure arty.. it’s the best experience that you have given us so far. Like a double treat. So I am going back and reading it again. You have done it again, Charlie. Bravo 👏

    1. Thank you, Yassy.

      Glad the experience gave you as the reader to dive into a world unlike and so fourth.
      I wanted to try something different and pulse driven. Much in the same feel as when one listens to noise music. 🙂

  4. I am forever captivated by your experimental poetry Charlie. It’s quite challenging but there’s a deep meaning , a purpose and I’m reminded of the era of Dada. Enjoyed the link as always , your musical choices are superb. Take care Charlie! 😊

        1. The band is incredible. They we’re way ahead of music in the 90s till’ the singers career was cut short in a tragic accident. 😦 The band however, did influence numerous of musicians.

          Don’t worry…just search the band on ‘YouTube’ and you’ll find them. Just type in this: ‘Brainiac band’. Reason if you only type in ‘brainiac’ you’ll get another search of different things. Trust me.

  5. Such luxurious and exorbitant twists. Very shadowy in the way it fronts on display.

    “possessed by irrationality jubilation”

    Love it!

  6. Charlie, I clicked the links and read the poem… the effect was intense – uncomfortable, jangling and raw, and particularly fitting for the title. The flesh underneath… I even dreamt about it last night.

    I think it says a lot about a poem when it has that kind of effect on someone. Charlie, this is a work of art.

    1. That’s what I was looking for in a poem.
      Like poetry and art, things can get uncomfortable for the observer and the reader.

      Its the imagery that invokes the mind and takes anyone to their world of what we experience here in the real world of chaos. However, let’s not forget the world has beauty but can also carry that ugliness. The dichotomy of both.

  7. Absolutely Charlie – “The dichotomy of both.” Beauty always contains ugliness and ugliness always contains beauty. It’s reassuring and such a fundamental and important truth.

    And your poem certainly took me to the boundary of experience and chaos and internal conflict. Which gives it such brilliance.

    I really appreciate you and your work Charlie 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      I used the ‘Cut up Technique’ for the whole poem and then using the links to connect to strange videos and make the poem bring a visual aspect to the imagery that one reads in front of them. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the visuals and the phrases. 🙂

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