Sleep Sigil – EP (Hogwash Chants)


Dear friends,

My friend Jason and I, worked very hard on this project band of ours. Music/spoken word. We created something special and organic.

We hope you enjoy our music and surprise everyone!

Click link and it will directly take you to our ‘Bandcamp’ profile. 

Press play and listen to our 6 songs for free.


Our single: *Satan’s Biceps 


Let us know your thoughts Jason and I, music. Hope you enjoy.
Jason is a genius and brilliant music producer and music composer.
He is the best and such an influence to me.

If you are reading this…Thank you a million my friend.


~Charlie Zero the Poet.


Upon Seer Chameleons that Candle Anonymous Ouija


Carnivora nonpareil!

Resculpt amatory
Psychedelic ladybugs.

 Clink slab narrative.

 My modem veins giggle.

21 chant mewl!

It defected knuckles cursive/
quincunx pale.
Chrysanthemum radioactive/
pigment turgid
Anthropomorphic anonymous feathered.

Fuzzy seer coruscate candle/
the hogwash e-sharp hitherto.

 Carve upon
Winnie the-pooh.

Nefarious pan galactic
weal scar.
Timpani fountain accent
sagging anemic cuckoo clock chameleons.

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