Any Exit Spiral


suicide watch,
the center cracks.
Can a hug repair pain?



Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

The title: Any Exit Spiral is Anagram for ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Spiral’ endless depth.

Suicidal thoughts a personal struggle for many of us,
a fight to stay alive in this chaotic world.
Sometimes we are too afraid to talk to anyone
about what we are feeling inside,
its’ easy to put on a mask
and hide what we are going through.

We do not (want to ruin anyone’s day).

We are human, we are vulnerable,
we need to feel encourage and feel safe to have a conversation.

If you know anyone who is going through something…
please reach out, check up on each other,
and be there for your friend, or loved one.



Copyright © 2020 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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29 thoughts on “Any Exit Spiral

    1. “Place your hand over your heart, can you feel it? That is called purpose. You’re alive for a reason so don’t ever give up.” – Unknown

      Past grief builds within us…panic attacks are the worst experiences ever. we all need to reach out and check up on each other. We can’t be afraid to have a conversation. It is needed and we are not alone.

    1. Back in my high school days 2002, I had a friend named ‘Steve’ who took his own life and it came as a shock from out of nowhere. My friends and I never saw the signs, he was very outgoing, and such an amazing friend.

      So to the question: Can a hug repair pain? Yes and No. That is depending on the situation. Also, we all can’t give up on the people that need help. The conversation is needed.

    1. Thank you, Dale.

      Depression & anxiety is brutal and painful.
      The suicidal thoughts are the worst.
      That’s why its good and healthy to have a conversation and make sure those who are going through depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, we need to hear them out, make them very comfortable and safe. Feeling vulnerable is who we are as humans, we need to be open and not afraid to talk.

      Bless you.

  1. I fear many more than usual are going through these awful feelings and thoughts, because of Covid.
    Times feel desperate.
    Hugs can help, but we should not hug anyone outside our bubble.
    We do have talking. Thing is, people who are depressed need to reach out, so we know who they are.
    People close to them need to be aware, and reach in.
    There is no stigma!!!
    You are a very caring person, Charlie!

    1. Agree.

      Covid and being isolated makes things difficult more so than ever. And yes, talking is a healthy way as well.

      Also, people who are depressed and need to reach out, sometimes its difficult on that aspect because what if they speak about how they feel to that someone. And that someone could be having a good day.

      From personal experience and observation…those people who suffer from depression do seek help but others ignore them.

      Bless you, Resa.

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