Did illusion Stomach grew a Lopsided Cartoon?

esurient cadaver-synod.

Forthwith destroyer!

Preserver seduced
drunken beetle,
Zeno of Elea.

 Diphthong sipped acupuncture!

Pope Sergius iii

Snow prostitute
fist fuck
the miracle of 1511.

Slunk stomach larva,
unorthodox thermal.

physique regeneration humid glass.

of her cartoon,
a lopsided heliotaxis.

Copyright © 2020 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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20 thoughts on “Did illusion Stomach grew a Lopsided Cartoon?

    1. Disillusionment served corpse stars
      from his belly,
      the galactic villagers ate every bone
      knowing its vital nourishment.
      Once digested
      the galactic villagers convulse
      blue portals as big as a drug.
      Emerging from the portals
      are headless humanoid dogs
      speaking through their abdomen
      and howling at the deceased mountains.

              1. “When I’m drivin’ in my car,
                and the man come on the radio,
                he’s tellin’ me more, and more,
                about some useless information
                supposed to fire my imagination.
                I can’t get no satisfaction.”

                ~ Mick Jagger

  1. Hope the Snownun got a checkup and liver/kidney tests. Heliotaxis is gnarly. Zeno of Elea sounds like an intoxicating drink. Perhaps she had a few too many?

  2. Greek and Roman mythology are filled with strange sexually distorted ideas.
    The catholic church’s clergy has carried on, in their own way, disgracefully.

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