Dead Skin Kilobyte

Souls discharge analog.

vice versa.

Dead skin octave angels
predatory tallow.

Kirchhoff’s law.

Silicone climax
incandescent apex component.

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Copyright © 2021 Charlie Zero the Poet

All rights Reserved.

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23 thoughts on “Dead Skin Kilobyte

    1. Thank you, Bjorn.

      I’ve been working on Cyberpunk experimental themes. Which has worked successfully and want to push the imagination further. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the poem and its terminology visuals. 🙂

  1. You had me at “silicone climax”. I liked the brevity and simplicity of this piece, even though it still contained plenty of Flarf double-speak to keep us jumping. Your mind is a special universe to its self.

  2. Nice unusual vocabulary! I had to look up Kirchhoff’s law, which brought back memories of my not being good at electronics in school…

    1. Thank you, Ingrid. I’ve been researching deep into the electronic hardware. From old school to new. And been infusing those unusual words into my poetry.

      Glad you enjoyed the poem and its strange visuals.

      More to come Tomorrow and Thursday. Stay tune. 🙂

  3. I Well written Charlie! I celebrate the veracity and power of your words. May you continue always sharing only your authentic self — that alone makes you genuine, meaningful to read, and of worth to be heard! Síocháin!

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