Lunacy Peeks Twice and the Mirriorless Song Corrodes


Punctilious anthem
and the tulip crime intoxicatingly,

                          Corrodes in pulp fickle…

Mirrorless dilettante peeks through television ills.

Unpredictable troubadours // Diseased tell max –.

Did the hypnotist carcass foolish fury,
neodymium the focus lunacy acersecomic?
                    Albeit considers froth
                      cruidisao ittic veer –
They demonstrate cheers! – Timid ode curare full.

Primitives abbreviate
              dysmorphic handwriting
                            as sulfur memoirs
                 that utter contrition sarcasm song.

Twice tourniquets;
                          to the pome thinly elder…



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All rights Reserved.

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