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A 3rd Review of My Book by: Kristine Brown the Poet

Crumpled Paper Cranes

Introduced to Björk and Tori Amos at the age of eleven, and remembering echoes of of a swarming crowd as Shirley Manson stated, “I’m only happy when it rains,” it takes a lot to unnerve me through words, medical terminology, and images I hope will prompt more than just some kind of lucid, false, epileptic seizure.

Perhaps the challenge in impressing me lies in my affinity for the experimental, cracked into three large shards. Charlie Zero’s This Robot Dreams Inside a Plastic Soul stirred my intrigue as the sun prods an amusement park worker to wriggle in his four-legged, alpaca wool suit. I snuggled into the blankets covering my macintosh red futon, took a minute or so between pieces, and thought, “Damn, Charlie. I’d imagine LSD does come to a halt, but I’m not quite ready.” For the record, I’ve never tried LSD.

Charlie’s writing reminds me of wind chimes…

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Everything Must Bleed: Bio-Techno Dysphoria in Charlie Zero’s This Robot Dreams Inside a Plastic Soul

2nd Book Review by my good friend: Jason Preu.

Devious Bloggery

Skimming through the table of contents of Charlie Zero’s latest book, This Robot Dreams Inside a Plastic Soul, a reader learns to fear poetry. Titles haunt, taunt, and beg for their own deconstruction and foolhardy exegesis. For instance, what should one make of a title like “Executioners Pick at the Scarecrows Refrigerated Ego”? Is there an apostrophe missing purposefully? What is it like to be a refrigerated ego? The poem proper contains lines like “Exit out of me / you portray a feed apostrophe” (see why I draw attention to the title’s punctuation?) and “Deteriorate the alchemist / smudge away the angst.” And this is one mad line in one mad poem from a book filled with all manner of surreal madness.

Charlie Zero’s poems not only demand close and repeated readings – they command your full imagination and mock your petty, weak vocabulary by tossing words into a poetic blender…

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My Book Review by: Resa. Check it out.

My Book Review by: Resa. Check it out.

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Charlie Zero embracesBeat Poetry, & bytes 21st century’s tech.


Resa @ GLaM 0 reviews Charlie Zero’s new book @ Robot Dreams Inside A Plastic Soul!

CZ #1 Photo manipulation of Resa © Norman Orenstein

CZ has a message, & does not stray. Nor, does he shy away from vocabulary. This means you might want to have a dictionary handy, but don’t utilize it until you finish reading the poem at hand. IMHO, just read the poem & let your mind turn words into images. Good chance you will come to the same message/conclusion/advice or question that Charlie did.

CZ #12b

After the fact, I found it fun to search the words I didn’t know, only to find that in context of his work, I did know.

Obviously & ultimately, it’s not just the words Charlie uses, but the way he employs them.

Yet, Charlie can take the simplest of words and forms to…

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