Cannabis Dreams Away My Cheap Experience


Attention never!
The death arrangement –

cannabis at ease,

process the define others.

A held seemingly regress

psychedelic within.

Each dream we carry
loneliness out-of-body

Eyelid beings, dance is thinking,

explicit the self-become remote sway.

Lysergic revelation exploration
oneself experiences cosmic.

And of music often distances itself

from user reality.
Metaphor people affect years away,

sharpened entirely disorientation.

Ego the seam before the cheap rebirth,
psychotomimetic provokes time & sound.

Popular century

slows down the separate drug.

Dreamlike habits not external,

take and become acquire perception doses.

You have spiritual X connection
memory to everything stiff.

As produce of more minds than our dissolve…

Me/ double/ split in two – nothing bliss…


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