Bureaucracy Stuff & the CGI Poo Poo


If you hear me pronounce funky 3 times
it’s because I ordered Domino’s Pizza.
My Coca-Cola thoughts taste like a nasty drum.
I just took a loaded poo, poo, on a train station.
Web relationships gone CGI,
please control your chances by long difficult vasectomy.

Show the talented Aphrodite a good time,
make sure your forehead displays copyright.
Pass the bud brownies while dancing to button lounge memoir.

The Djs figure is basically looking at a tangled terribly dashiki.
Entertainment assholes influenced by Steve urkel,
the ceiling soul
the power stuff
Articles heavily expose side sensors,
bureaucracy postscripts & Gluck code penetration.

I dropped my muse
as bar C person sound Killer.
Cassette videos cut two states, a note-worthy triple sandwich.

The original fun also break-beats –
watch Carlton banks get his swagger on.
Don’t get yourself too drunk on whiskey it would just be inappropriate.



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