With Spinning Deities Chakras Detest Cool


Jazz baleen
            gathers light,
spinning witness serpent sarong –
           tied infirmary irrational ecstasy.

It’s orange iced halos discontinuity –
                      nunnery seductress 9.

Shakti Brahman –
           bombast amends bedlam.
You detest green blue Avestan death,
tin rye the purple hesychast.

A tempo escort gelatin gramarye –
           makes old deities
out of Comstockery Aztec Morse.

The round red bilge –
klecksography yantra’s
              the prime arm samsara,
it chakras belly reverse.

Inveigle aardwolf,
              blacklist the button roar.
Effervescence with hexagram queens –
encompass viracocha headaches.

Breathe warm between the cool tremble
              and the yellow indigo opalescent.




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