X Rabbits got my Christmas Tree Pregnant

My bunny is sexually hot

has style, class, and he’s socially racist.
Christ invented
the pink wig on Jerry Springer show.

What does a homophobic rabbit
and T-Mobile commercials
have in common? Skittles lick the rainbow.

Santa clause once painted
a Mexican Church that resembled a lot like the Unabomber
a masterpiece of smiles.

How come humans always get away at murdering a cheeseburger?
I mean what about the French?
Don’t there hot fries look way better than their homicide investigation?

Hot Asian cats predict the end
of the world just by reading Bank of America trading cards.
John Waters decorated Fonzie’s Christmas tree
by selling war & genocide to a chimpanzee.

Christmas isn’t just racist;
it is racist against coca-cola and chocolate peanut butter cups.
Disney supports burning cartoon crosses
but what about Sunday morning Swedish egg mcmuffins?

It’s no wonder people commit suicide
nothing much to do but become entertained.

Have a merry Christmas & a happy World War 3 new year.



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