David Bowie: Androgynous Prophet & the Heaven Spaceboy

Gather around children

look up at the sky
its Mr. Starman –
posing like a prophet androgynous space boy.
The unannounced crowd
begins to listen;

His ancient songs howl:

We mock vanity
we mock narcissism

Your flamboyant transformations
nest inside our moon fragile hearts.
I created magick
into portraying the golden dawn,
where imaginative creatures
create music, poetry, & love.

We are the red spiders
of 2084,
can you flinch the alchemy’s shadow?

Hollywood masquerade ball,
Paint your faces with shock symbols.
Let us pray to the crucified scarecrows.

You, beautiful earthlings may sleep peacefully
I’ll be here in this enchanted place
waiting for you to come visit my live show.



Copyright © Charlie Zero

All rights Reserved.

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