Grhegg Ampuke & the Divine Lunatic

        contraction clocks
in saturated angels.

Tangled enthrall,
inhale divine elision karma freckles liege,
              disgorged eyes,
scopolamine the blemish influence.

The ugly ossein
    widespread burning thump –
         enough to dismember blink.

Diabolical feared baboon rumor scalp –
bombing ampuke flint, said the snivel Grhegg.

Curiosity replaced inhabitable gastrointestinal caterpillars
who urge for giant Hiroshima tower huffs
and crunch ice saliva algorithm lunatic.

Canine lumbricus dollars –
      bore the incubus pearl sonnet;
          peeling dimension human solace mephitis,
nigh anthropology mortal parts,
snake in the gland spiders forehead urine vanish.



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