Despondency Act 5: Putrid Optimism


Optimism vile –
bury our future
in false promises.
Love weary
hanged itself,
alone, no friends.


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Happy New Year! Everyone 2019

Dear everyone:

Starting a brand new year with lots of surprises to come.

I’ll be posting new writing material really soon. Keep an eye out.

Looking forward to 2019, hopefully good things will come. 


Can’t wait to share with you all what I’ve been working on.
I’ll try to be more active and will be stopping by to read all of your works. 


Happy New Years! Stay bless and love to the universe.


~Charlie Zero the Poet

Bless your heart Stan Lee, And Thank You

Today my heart breaks, Stan Lee was a legend and a real superhero to us all.
His legacy, imagination and creativity will forever spark in our hearts.

I grew up watching & reading Marvel comics…especially watching Spider man animated series, X-men, & Fantastic Four, Etc.

His creation was ahead of its time, his universe was beyond and out of this world.
When evil clouds our world – our earth’s mightiest heroes “The Avengers” are there to protect us, fight evil and injustice all around the world.

For that…Thank you Stan Lee. R.I.P. 

~ Excelsior!



Happy 4th of the July!

Happy 4th of July to all my WordPress friends, poets & writers.

May the fireworks bring us peace of mind, joy, and full of creativity.

Apologies for my absence. Life has been keeping me busy at work and editing my 2nd book.

I’ll be returning soon with re-post of my older blog poems but, edited and polished to what my 2nd book will look like and be read in a language of obscurity and humor. 


P.S Hope all of you are doing well. How’s life treating you all? Let me hear from you soon.

Stay tune. And here’s some good music for our 4th of July.

Corona – Rhythm of the Night






New (Nine Inch Nails) album ‘Bad Witch’ Listening Party













Hope all of you enjoy these 6 songs from new ‘Nine Inch Nails’.

I love #2 because its the hardest song and its wow!

Your thoughts on the songs.

Apologies for my absence. Been working now a new job and still editing my 2nd book and doing re-blogging to show all of you something new and exciting.


Miss you all and hope everyone is well.



~ Charlie Zero the Poet