Melancholy Repeats the Dark Void


I know what it feels like to not belong.
Society and I never really got along.
People always judge me because I’m different
Maybe their right at least I’m not a fucken ignorant.
The flash-backs of my past drown me in pain
Tomorrow’s desolation repeats itself again.
My memory as a child triggers depression.
A gun to my head signals my frustration.
So vulnerable, weak, I fell into a nervous breakdown.
Melancholy darkens the void, heartache total meltdown.
Every single day my father scorns me to a point of nothing.
If I can achieve the impossible it’s worth luck to something.
I have to live with PTSD for the rest of my eternal life.
I should have ended before with a sharp clean knife.




This poem was reflecting the past of me being bullied and being humiliated.

It sucks what some of us go through in life. We have each other, friends, family, and loved ones. Give each other a hug and smile. Life is beautiful and precious.




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