Tampon Schizophrenic


Tourniquet robot
Radio-Ouija gods –
robosapiens trip on infrared glue.
Captain are meditates,
re-experiencing cocoon haze.
T.V. monsters worship skin-head Elvis,
Cocaine the white world empty.

I can rub an analogy
by controlling narcissist shiny clones.

Pop-phobia’ rapes a cowboy humor.
Galileo, mother Teresa,
How do artificial cripple the noun?
Michael Jackson laboratory mannequin,
Millennium you –
Police-queers making love on OCD fest.

I’ll swallow your big download
like monologue enter.
Psychosexual Jesus –
Shit! My time of the month
must put on a tampon schizophrenic.
The Mason Templar dream them obsession.
Space abbreviates mushroom.
Antennas sweat out its bodily sperm
and the computer trees contemplate.

I orgasm a shadowy liquid
it’s mandatory to clothe 5,
cinema hijacked my illusion.


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All rights Reserved.

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