Technology Consumerism Nightmare


Friends & Family always glued to their screens
like a Wall-E movie version already foreseen.
Ignoring the ones closes to you, ignoring nature
this planet doomed because of mankind’s failure.
Consumerism has torn us away from reality
look around you, boredom feasts on triviality.
Nobody ever verbally communicates anymore
face to face interaction a useless sham whore.
Entertainment keeps our brains fucken polluted
Avoidance from the world, label me excluded.
I’m hurt deep inside; death is my only care
a shattered hope trembling in complete scare.




This poem was written from my own personal experiences of dealing
with an everyday watching people, friends, family members glued to their phones,
and not bothering even caring to start a verbal conversation. This is based on true events that I go through everyday. If you are someone that goes through this or just observes how the majority of people abuse their cellphone usage. Then I am not alone.


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